Things to Know If You’re Going to the Super Bowl LVII

The Super Bowl is usually one of the biggest events in the country. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious about what all the hype is about, this guide will give you all the information you need to know before heading out to SUPER BOWL LVII!

Super Bowl LVII is going to be an event that’s not just in the spotlight but is going to take over the country. And even though it’s almost February, there are still some significant things you should know so you don’t end up getting completely lost trying to figure them out.

If you’re going to the Super Bowl LVII, here are some things you should know:

  1. It’s not just a football game. It’s an experience that lasts all week long.
  2. Don’t worry about getting tickets in advance, because they’re sold out months in advance. They go on sale in April, and by then everyone who wants to go has already got their tickets. And besides,, who is going to pay $1,000 for a pair of tickets? That’s ridiculous! If you want them, buy them from scalpers on Craigslist for $300 each (plus shipping).
  3. There are lots of things to do in Vegas during Super Bowl week besides and eat at buffets. There are concerts at hotels all over town every night of the week except Sunday night so that people can stay awake until 4 AM (or later). There are parties at nightclubs every night of the week

The Super Bowl LVII is more than just a football game

It’s an American tradition, a chance for the country to gather together and watch their favorite team compete against other people’s favorites. And while it’s not always the most exciting game of the year, it’s still one of the most-watched television events of all time.

The NFL has attracted millions of fans over the years, and many of them have become lifelong fans of the game and its teams. This Sunday will mark my 11th Super Bowl watching experience (and yes, I’ve been to at least one every year since 1983).

Whether you’re a fan of one team or another, there are plenty of reasons to tune in on Sunday night: To see some amazing plays; watch players from all over the world compete; enjoy great commercials; watch some good football!

How to get there

If you are traveling from out of town or from outside of the United States, here are some helpful tips to help make your journey easier:

1) If you’re coming from another city in Arizona, plan for at least two hours to get to the game. Interstate 10 can be very busy during Super Bowl weekend so it’s best to leave early if possible.

2) Be prepared for long lines at customs as well as long waits in line at security checkpoints. You may want to consider taking advantage of our free TSA PreCheck program if you’re willing to wait an extra hour or two before entering the security line.

3) Assume that many travelers will want to leave Phoenix early (before 4 p.m.) to avoid traffic after the game ends on Sunday evening (around 10 p.m.). In addition, many hotels in Glendale offer free parking but they typically fill up quickly.

What to watch for

The Super Bowl is America’s biggest sporting event, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to predict who will win. Even with all the research, you can do, some things are just too hard to measure.

The commercials are one of them. They’re designed to be funny, but they’re also supposed to move you emotionally or make you think about something in a new way. And they can have a huge impact on how many people watch them and how much they remember after they’re over with them.

The best way to find out which commercials are going to be memorable and impactful is by looking at the past performances of each brand and how those ads did in their categories at other events like the Super Bowl or other awards shows where people pay attention.”

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