Things You Need to Know About Potato Peeler Machines Before Purchasing Them

A potato peeler is an electric device made of stainless steel, and it comes in different sizes, varieties, and prices. This machine peels potatoes very easily and saves time. In this article, we are going to cover things to know before purchasing this machine.

A potato peeler machine is very useful in restaurants and other places where there is a demand for peeled potatoes. The advantage of the present invention of the potato peeler machine is that it may peel potatoes and also cut them into desired shapes.

This machine is efficient at peeling potatoes. It is a simple machine and it is user-friendly. It has a peeling cycle that is very swift with a minimum amount of product waste. The electrical components of this machine are secured in a sealed box.

How the machine operates

It operates by removing the skins of washed potatoes. Whereby the washed potatoes are poured into the drum that is located at the top of the peeler machine. The drum’s inner walls are coated with a component called abrasive carborundum.

When the drum is in motion or rotating, the potatoes strike the abrasive walls, which peel off the skin of the potatoes. These peeled potatoes then get out through the gate of the peeler machine.

How is this machine built?

It is made from stainless steel with a fabricated body. This steel is heavy-duty. This body, commonly called a drum, has inner walls coated with the abrasive carborundum that peels potatoes during the rotation of the drum. The drum chamber is mainly driven with the assistance of two poles that are enclosed and fan cooled or a 3-phase motor. 

Uses of the peeler machine

It is used in peeling potatoes and is very suitable for bulbing vegetables like turnips, carrots, and taro. It also helps in cleaning potatoes and vegetables for a short time.

Key features of the machine 

  1. All of its parts are stainless steel, thus they can’t be affected by corrosion or rust.
  2. Because it operates at a low temperature, the potatoes and vegetables are not destroyed.
  3. The motor is well balanced for higher performance and fewer vibrations.
  4. It leads to high production and thus faster returns.
  5. It is a unique and very reliable peeler machine that is highly effective and works nonstop.
  6. It peels cleanly and without waste.
  7. It is extremely efficient and simple to use.
  8. It does not necessitate the use of skilled labor.
  9. The machine saves time, manpower, and labor, leading to high productivity.
  10. It has modern motors that are strong, fast, and durable.

Things to consider before purchasing a peeler machine

Many buyers don’t know what to look at before purchasing a potato machine. These considerations also help in the determination of potato peeling machine prices in Kenya. Buyers should consider the following things before completing the purchase:

  1. a) Machine capacity: Machines with a large capacity are preferable to those with a small capacity, especially if you have a lot of potatoes to peel.
  2. b) Check on its weight-the heavier the machine, the less portable or hard it is to move. You have to note that large models also take up space.


Hand peeling potatoes is costly because it requires a lot of manpower especially if you have many potatoes to be peeled. Getting a potato peeler machine of your own choice can help you save time and help you work efficiently, neater and faster.