Things you should consider before working in a Coworking space

When you go more, you start for yourself or just start working a little more flexibly, it is important that you find a nice routine, I have researched. For example, I never had trouble concentrating at home, but I did miss a place to go. I missed a reason to get dressed, I missed people to spar with or even any kind of human contact.

And where a coffee shop or a library ticks a lot of these, I was looking for a place that was not too busy and too loud, but at the same time not dead quiet and listless. A place with about the same people every day, where you don’t have to talk to strangers every time. That description sounds like an office, and it kind of is. The perfect office for the flex worker is the coworking space.

A workplace that fits in well with this rhythm of your own hours and conditions is therefore important, and a coworking space is a great outcome. You can go for a Coworking Spaces in Cebu

The Disadvantages of a Coworking Space

You have to pay for a place to work

As an employee, you are of course not responsible for a workplace, rent and other fixed costs are not a concern and you will be paid your salary at the end of the month. However, if you want to take place in a coworking space as a self-employed person or other type of flexible working, you will have to set aside some money for this. This can be quite difficult, especially in more difficult financial times. It is a trade-off between what it will bring you and what it will cost you. A 200 euros per month can be quite a lot of money for the starting entrepreneur, a cost item that you may not want to have. However, when you look at the productivity or customers that emerge from the network, it can be a pretty good trade-off. Be critical and therefore look for value for money.

People can distract

Interaction with people can be great and for many flex workers it gives a boost in productivity, but it can also be experienced as annoying at times. For example, people can start a conversation when you need silence, interrupt you when you are fully concentrated or just make too much disturbing noise. However, if you regularly visit the same coworking space, you will quickly become familiar with the people around you and their habits. After a while you will also know exactly how to find the best workplaces that meet your needs. This way you can easily switch from full concentration in a closed workplace or quiet room to a cozy lunch in the canteen with others.

The office is not yours

A coworking space is not an office where many things have already been determined by the higher hand, but it is certainly not your own living room. For example, you will have to take into account how high the heating is on, whether doors are open and where exactly the noisy coffee machine is located. And where in an office people often have the same goal of working together productively, this is not always clear among flex workers. The environment cannot influence you completely and it is therefore advisable to experience coworking space well before you decide to work there longer. No work situation is ever perfect and there will always be pros and cons. After all, nothing beats trying it out for yourself.

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