This Retractable Magnetic Screen Door From Everlasting Comfort Will Keep the Bugs Out​​

One of the hardest things to deal with about summer, even with all the summer fun, the outdoor time, and the events, is the bugs. With the warm weather, the abundance of food and the air conditioned homes of people, bugs will want to buzz all around you and cause all sorts of problems. While bug sprays, repellenants, and common sense will prevent the bugs from getting to you outside, those same strategies aren’t as effective whenever the bugs find their way indoors.

You won’t need to keep the doors closed in order to keep the bugs out with the retractable magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort. This allows for you to have all the benefits of the summer weather, without needing to worry about the bugs coming in and wrecking your fun.

Here are some of the best benefits of this magnetic screen door, and once you learn about it, you will have to stop yourself from replacing every single door in your house!

Lets You In, And Keeps The Bugs Out

One of the biggest problems with a screen door in the summertime is that you are constantly moving in and out to your porch or patio. Whether you are having a huge party and want to keep bringing food out at a reasonable pace, or you decide that you want to curl up on the patio with a good book, you need some ease of access and some speed whenever it comes to moving in and out.

The magnetic screen door is held together by a seam made of 26 magnets, where all you need to do is walk right through them and they will open easily before you. Then they will close with a quick and quiet snap after you walk through. Now, you might be able to break the magnetic force that is holding the magnets together, but most bugs will be unable too.

Plus, with the speed that the screen door closes, you won’t have to worry about any bugs finding their way inside. Instead, you can keep them out of your home, while still keeping all the benefits of the outside inside your house. The seam is easily breakable by people, kids, and pets, so everyone but the bugs will be able to get into your home to have some summer fun.

Very Easy To Install

Most people are concerned that installing a new screen door is going to either be time consuming and costly, or difficult and also going to take forever. No matter what, there is also a fear that the door frame will lie open for a very long time while the bugs swoop in and out with nothing to stop them. However, the screen doors from Everlasting Comfort do not take too long to install, and in fact they only have four easy steps.

All you need to do is remove the existing door and clean the door frame of any stains or debris, then remove the screen door from the packaging and lay it flat on the floor, lining up and pressing the magnets together to form the seam.

Then, hold the screen door up to your door frame and ensure that it is a perfect fit, as the magnetic screen door will fit door frames of 38×82 inches or less. If the door frame needs to be resized, then the instruction manual will show you how. Then you attach the door with either the all black thumbtacks or the hook and loop tape that is included, and that’s that!

If you find yourself having issues, then the kit will come with an instructional manual as well as a video guide that shows you what to do. No matter what your skill level is, you will be able to install this screen door quickly and keep the bugs from having a free pass into your home.

It Works All Year

The high quality mesh and the durable and reinforced edges will make this an amazing bug screen for doors, not just for summer but for all year round! The retractable magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort is able to withstand wind, rain, and anything else the weather in your area decides to throw at it. The bugs might come out in the summer, but if they keep bugging you all year round, then this screen door is going to ensure that they will fully stay away.

Whether you’ve got a bug problem or just want to have a door where you get the benefits of the outdoors without the risk of pests coming in, you will not go wrong with the retractable magnetic screen door from Everlasting Comfort, because they will be the only door you ever need.

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