Three Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods and Tricks

Carpets are the most significant part of any home decor, and it is one of the first things to buy when building a house. So, you have to clean it for maintaining its flourishment. Regularly cleaning your carpet is essential for your health as it can cause allergies, shortness of breath, and many diseases. Carpet cleaning also affects the air quality of the house.

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But, all the carpet cleaning methods do not work accurately. And as a result, your carpet is ruined. But there is no reason to worry. Here, we have come to introduce you to three effective carpet cleaning methods and tricks, aside from hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company to do the work. So that you can clean your carpet without ruining it, and you’ll feel the same way as you used to when you step on the carpet.

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How to clean your carpet in three best methods

  1. Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the most common and easiest carpet cleaning technique. To enter the carpet fibre, steam cleaning extracts hot water via vacuum at a high pressure, which breaks down dirt and bacteria deposited inside. Also, this method makes the carpet fibres “fluff up” so that the carpeting in your home looks more decorated and feels soft under the feet.

This method may take one hour and twice as much for carpet drying for cleaning an average home. But commercial properties like offices can take more time than that.

  1. Shampooing the carpet

Carpet shampooing uses special detergents with plenty of water and shampoo. Carpet shampooing includes a foaming ingredient that is applied with a brush machine into the carpet. You have to rotate the brush to scrub the shampoo into the carpet. And then wet vacuuming will help to remove debris and dirt. Now, to remove the shampoo, use clean water until the carpets are clean and the residue is free.

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  1. Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning or compound cleaning is much popular for its effective cleaning performance. Dry carpet cleaning is for those who can’t wait for the carpet to dry. Usually, its cleaning compound is made of biodegradable material that works, such as micro-sponges. And these can absorb the dissolved carpet’s dirt properly, which can be completely removed when the cleaning process will finish.

As the dry cleaning carpet method uses chemicals and detergents, it can be somewhat intense. So, appropriate ventilation is essential. But if you have allergies or difficulty breathing, then it’ll be a bad choice for you.

Some additional tricks to dispel stain from carpet


After the mud dry, Divide it into small pieces and clean and then mix a few drops of liquid food soap with some hot water. Spread the solution on the grimy area. With a sponge or a soft cloth, dab the carpet and dry it with a towel.

Oils (Crayon, Makeup, Grease)

Rub alcohol on the target area by using a towel or cloth. And then blot with a clean cloth. Repeat the process until the stain dispels.

Other Acidic Materials and Ketchup

With 1 cup of warm water, mix 1 tbsp of ammonia. Then spray it and with a clean towel, wipe off excess liquid. Do the process again and again until the stain removes.

Organic (Fruit juice, Blood, Berries)

On the stained area, directly pour 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide 1-2 cap-full. Wait for five minutes, and then with a soft cloth or water-soaked sponge, dab the area. Dry it by using a towel.

Pet urine

With 1 cup of warm water, mix 1 cup of white vinegar. Then spray it on the target area. Leave it for five minutes, and then with a clean cloth, blot the area.