Tips for Booking a Stay and Play Golf Package

Golf is the perfect way to make up after a corporate conflict but planning them and executing the plans effectively can be quite a task. It may become a little overwhelming from booking tickets to finding the right golf course and coordinating the people going on the trip can leave you tired and clueless. If your ideal golf getaway includes hitting those perfect 18 holes and spending the weekend playing on-resort activities, you have to choose the best global golf tour packages to make your vacation precious.

Boyne Golf offers the best stay and play golf packages in Michigan. You can play all day and that is often followed by award-winning ceremonies and meals where you can collaborate and celebrate your win. Bay Harbor Club Michigan offers the best weekend deals and you can rest assured that you will create some memorable moments there.

Here are some ideas that you can consider to get the best stay and play golf package

1. Flexibility with Dates

Although this may be a little difficult to achieve for some people, it is advisable to be flexible with days and dates to get the best deals. It is usually cheaper on weekdays and the price hikes on weekends. If money is not an issue then plan your weekends but for people on a budget, weekdays would be a better choice.

2. Delegate tasks and follow up

Most miscommunication occurs when everyone is doing everything. Designate different tasks to different people, this will ensure that all is taken care of without a single individual getting burned down in the process. Although it is also crucial to decide the coordinator who would ensure all the required tasks are done. There cannot be more than one leader which will only result in more chaos.

3. Lodging

If your group is huge it would be foolish to book individual rooms that will cause a serious strain to your pockets. You can go for golf villas or condos that will save money and you can also enjoy staying together.

4. Go Club less

Most airplanes charge a lot for each of your golf bags but if you don’t have to travel via a plane you can always carry your gold bags with you. If you still want to play with your gold club in a foreign land shipping them would cost you less than taking them as luggage.

5. Look for “other fees”

Even though while booking the resort you may see only staying charges are shown but after visiting you’ll find out they add cleaning charges, luxury taxes, royal fees, and other taxes which makes a great impact on your bill and drastically change the amount you originally thought would be paying.

6. Last-minute discounts

Prior booking has an added advantage, you can also receive additional discounts if there is any event occurring last minute. So no matter how busy you are, always check for last-minute discounts.


Although planning a golf trip can be overwhelming the above tips will help you book a stay and play golf package with exciting deals.