Tips for Choosing the Ideal AI Voice For Your Project

A good story is needed for a good project. But, the voiceover who will voice it is equally important. The thing about voice overs is that it is subjective. What may be good for you can be bad for someone else! But, there are a few things that you should consider before choosing the ideal AI voice for your project:


Getting a good AI voice for your project, audio or video often needs a lot of research and takes time. Hence, it is important to pick reliable options to help you with the best conversion and voice quality. With so many choices available, it is essential to consider which AI voice will suit your business.

Limit your favorites to three

Making an AI voice selection is tough. If you shortlist ten different voice talents, you make it more difficult for yourself. Narrow down your list to just three voices and choose the best voice from them.

While you may have options of hundreds, the whole thing narrows down to how a voice per project or language appeals to you and your customers. If a voice matches your requirements well, it will become your brand’s representative.

Know your targeted audience

Your project involves customers; hence, there must be a target audience. Therefore, it is important to question yourself; will this voice technology appeal to the targeted audience? It will help you make an AI voice selection depending on the opinion and taste of your targeted audience.

Choose the gender you want

Do you want a man’s or a woman’s voice? It is an important decision. Is your message better conveyed through a man’s voice or a woman’s voice. A shortcut may be to choose a female voice for a female target audience and vice-versa. Of course, you can choose a complete male or a complete female voice.

Listen to the previews

Do you want to get an idea of what it will sound like? You always have a preview option to check out which voice matches your requirement. You can listen to as many voices as you want to see if it fits the message you want to share with your potential customers. Pick your favorite from the list and then use it for your project. You can also alter the pitch, speed, and other features if needed.

Focus on the tone and style of the voice

Try to use a voice that sounds humanlike. The tone and style of the voice should match your brand’s style. As it will be your company’s voice, you need something that makes you easy to recognize. So, choose a unique voice.

Voice technology has benefited businesses in more ways than imagined. With the right tone of voice and accent, you can get an ideal voice for your company. works as an incredible platform to help you find the best voice for your project. Pick from the wide range of options and see which one goes well with your preference.

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