Tips for Dry and Damaged Hair

Do you sometimes stand in front of the mirror in the morning looking for a glimpse of shine in your hair? And if you then want to style your hair, does your hair feel like straw rubbing against your hands?

Then you will undoubtedly suffer from dry hair. And you are not alone. Many people struggle with dry hair. Fortunately, there are several tips against dry hair. And we have listed those tips for you. You will learn how to prevent dry hair, how to make your hair less dry, and how to care for dry hair.

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Read our top tips against dry hair now!

Make sure that you get enough vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential to the human body for a variety of reasons.  One reason is that it is necessary for sebum production. By getting enough Vitamin A, you keep the sebum production optimal and you can prevent dry hair.

How do you get Vitamin A? Eat plenty of meat, fish, dairy products, vegetables (carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower), and fruit (oranges and tangerines).

Avoid sea water and pool water

As an extension of washing your dry hair too often, it often means taking a dip in seawater and pool water. That is the case. The sea contains salt and the swimming pool (almost always) contains chlorine. Both salt and chlorine have an effective cleaning effect and will also remove sebum. The result is dry hair.

So try not to swim in the sea or pool too often, rinse your hair with tap water before and after swimming, do not go under or wear a swimming cap. Again, you can prevent dry hair.

Avoid hair products with alcohol

Alcohol is also an effective cleanser and is still quite common in hair products. Avoid these products as they will only dry out your hair more. When purchasing hair products, make sure that they are especially for dry hair.

Use a Heat Protectant

In addition to the heat styling tools, if you choose to use such tools, use a heat protectant as well. Heat Protectants put a kind of seal around your hair and thus protect it against the heat. Mind you, your hair will still endure high temperatures, but to a lesser extent than if you don’t use a heat protectant.

Pay attention to which hairbrush or comb you use

A hairbrush or comb can help distribute sebum throughout your hair. However, it could also damage your hair, especially if it is dry. If you use nylon pins, make sure the pins are not too close to each other and see if there are balls on them. The latter massage the scalp and stimulate sebum production.

Ideally, you use pig or boar hair by the way. These bristles are much smoother than nylon, bend more, and are softer on your hair. In addition, they close the hair cuticles, so that your dry hair can better hydrate and repair.

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