Tips on How to Write an A-Grade Research Essay

It takes great essay writing skills to deal with a research paper and even greater ones to get an A for it. If you feel like working on this type of academic assignment is your weak point, we offer you useful tips on how to accomplish passing your research paper with flying colors. 

Study the assignment carefully

You may think that this is the most obvious and trivial advice you could receive. However, your research essay and top score will go down the drain if you don’t 100% understand the requirements of your paper and the main objective. As a rule, any instructor will give you clear guidelines on how to write your research essay. Pay special attention to the criteria for grading your paper. Take the time to understand exactly what you are being asked to write and in what format. You should always ask your instructor for advice or clarification if you have any doubts. 

Choose a fascinating topic

Choosing the right topic is half the battle. Try to select a theme that both interests you and meets all of the criteria in the assignment. If you have to pick between a topic that you like and one that is likely to get you a higher grade, always choose the latter. We often don’t like things we don’t understand. By the end of writing a research essay, you will be somewhat of an expert on the subject. 

Ask questions

You have to be curious about the topic you have chosen. Write a list of questions about the research topic that you would like answers to. If you don’t have enough of your own ideas, ask what your friends are interested in about the subject. Think critically and try to ask questions about every aspect of your topic.

Try to list all the controversial and contradictory sides of the topic. This will help you formulate subheadings and break down the essay into smaller parts. This way, you will have an easier time organizing your writing process. 

Look for answers 

Your task is to find resources and references where you can get answers to your questions. Try to identify experts from who you can make comments regarding your research question to lend credibility to your essay. Talking to experts and quoting their opinions in your paper will give it uniqueness and distinguish it from other essays. Don’t neglect other types of sources, from newspapers to online articles. 

Don’t be afraid to write an email or personal message to some famous expert. The chance that you will get answers to your questions is 50%. 

Organize the information you find 

Once you have gathered all the information, you need to organize it in your research essay. You need to create a list of the literature you have gathered right away. This will make your work easier while you are citing. The bibliography should meet the work requirements of your institution. You can use services like EasyBib to create citations. 

Formulate a thesis statement 

Once you’ve gathered all the information and done your research, you’re ready to formulate a catchy thesis statement. You must offer a thesis that can be disputed. It shouldn’t be controversial, but your reader could disagree with it, and your task is to prove it. Once you have compiled a strong and definite thesis, you have to check it with your professor or tutor and only then start writing your research essay.

Make a plan

It’s time to go back to the questions you have asked and the subheadings. Now you should write a plan for your paper, using those and all of the material you have gathered. The more detailed your outline is, the easier and faster you will write your research essay. Write the structure of each paragraph, presenting statements, evidence, and vivid examples. 

Write a research essay

You can finally start writing your research essay. You may feel like you could have started writing without all the work done before, but trust me, you definitely won’t get a high score by skipping all the steps. You can flip through all the information you have gathered before you start. However, you must remember that you are not a copywriter who has to retell the opinions of others. You can use a specific quote or statistic, but, in general, your ideas should be your own at this stage.

Proofread and edit 

This is a critical step that should not be skipped. Proofread your work and make sure it maintains narrative logic and coherence. After that, move on to checking for errors. You can use a variety of services for grammar checking. However, you still have to do it yourself. You can read your work from the end to focus solely on the linguistic aspects and not the content. Try not to make sentences too long and recheck your references. 

By following our tips, you will definitely write a research essay that will get a high score. You must remember that perfection can only be achieved by constant practice and diligence. With each new essay, your work will get better and take less time. Good luck!

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