Tips to appreciate the cinema

Going to the movies is an attitude. And no, this is not a pretty or easy-to-remember advertising slogan. I mean it. Everything you do in that room affects the rest of the audience. That is why it is very important to remember that it is a social act.

That you go to the cinema affects the rest of the spectators. So take your mobile and write down these 10 tips on what you should and should not do once you are seated in the comfortable seats of the great room:

Let it surprise you

Be like a tourist. Let yourself be carried away by what you see, by what arouses you, without prejudice, without labels. Simply soak in everything you perceive and enjoy the story

Cinema with values ​​also implies values ​​in cinema.

There is a fundamental difference between watching a movie and watching it. Seeing is just sitting in front of the screen and letting time go by. Looking, on the other hand, involves observing each nuance and absorbing its meaning. It is about going beyond the obvious, delving into the story and daring to take advantage of the inner world of the characters, their experiences, the teachings distilled by the plot. It is the difference between being a mere spectator or letting what you see change you.

Don’t go empty handed 

When you go to someone’s house for dinner you bring wine or chocolates. Why should it be any different in film? The big screen offers you an argument, a plot, some characters. It draws you into a story. Go knowing something. Create your own background, don’t be caught off guard by the actors without knowing anything about their career, or the director, or the settings. You will enjoy the film more if you have criteria to know if they tease you or if they give you something.

Spend money

We are in crisis and it is easy to say that “culture is very expensive, I will download it from the Internet”. But, don’t we pay the bill in a restaurant or the mobile bill? So why are we so stale with the cinema ticket, a ticket to the gates of audiovisual culture? We would like it to be more affordable, yes, but it is not. And what are we going to do? Stop culturalizing ourselves because it costs? Well, go business. Nobody wins there.

Go accompanied

The best thing about watching a movie is not the viewing itself, but the magic that leads each viewer to have seen a different movie. Each one has internalized the story with their own filter. That’s where your analytical ability comes into play, you discover nuances that the other sees and you don’t, you reason your arguments, you make your theories, you speculate about the plot and you disassemble the film fragment by fragment to squeeze it to the fullest. Four eyes see more than two. That’s how you get the juice out of them, that’s how you understand them and get to the bottom of it.

Switch off the mobile phone

There is nothing more nerve wracking than being engrossed in history and a cell phone rings. At that very moment when someone dares to get you out of your reverie by a whats app or an inopportune call, you remember the ancestors of the liaison and curse all his descendants. It’s that simple. Going to the movies is a social act, so it is important to remember that we are not alone watching the movie. The whats app will still be there after an hour and a half, don’t worry.

Don’t play the omniscient narrator

Your comments and opinions are then exposed to your friends. If your cell phone rang was already horrible, that you start commenting on absolutely every scene in the movie is worse. If you continue like this, you will leave the cinema with popcorn for a hat.

Do not go with children to see an adult movie

They get bored, you don’t watch the movie because you’re watching and the rest of the viewers are annoyed by having to hear that the little one is hungry or sleepy. Parents know when a movie is appropriate or not, you have that filter more than hackneyed, do not play it.

Don’t be afraid to laugh if you find it funny 

It is one of the greatest achievements for the screenwriter if that was his intention. He just tries not to spend the 90 minutes like this. Nothing is so funny.

Get up and leave if you don’t like it, but quietly

Didn’t you like the plot, the characters or the special effects? Okay, get out, go, it doesn’t matter. It’s totally legal, no one will hit you for leaving, if you didn’t like it, you don’t have to waste time there. But don’t put on a number, write it on twitter, complain officially, whatever you want, but let those who stay can finish it with peace of mind.

Going to the movies is a luxury, that’s for sure. It not only costs an economic effort but also implies a movement. In addition, today anyone can see the movies that are in theaters from their own sofa in a very short time.

For all this, going to the cinema ends up being something exceptional: the story in full color, the perfect sound, the comfortable seats and the spacious screen. So it depends on our attitude that others return to the cinema or get fed up and pass. And there will be more and more empty seats until the theaters go bankrupt. Will we be complicit in that slow and painful death?

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