Tips to Avoid Pinching, Rolling When Waist Training

When you wear a waist trainer, the aim is to look slimmer, smoother and flatter. You want the shapewear to stay in place all day without rolling, descending or pinching. However, sometimes your waist trainers do things which they are not supposed to do and that can be frustrating for the user. If the waist trainer doesn’t stay in place, it is a sign that it doesn’t fit you appropriately. Here are some ways to enhance your waist training experience and to ensure that you have the best affordable shapewear for you:


Poor sizing is the major reason why a shapewear doesn’t stay in place. If it is large, then it will shift, if it is too small, it will pinch or roll.

Hence, it is important to get the right size. In order to get the best size waist trainer for yourself, get the perfect waist measurement. Use vinyl measuring tape and measure the lowest portion of your waist, just 2-inches above the belly button.

After taking the measurement, consult with the waist trainer manufacturers chart on the website. If your measurement falls between sizes, go for a bigger size. A good fit waist trainer will feel snug and never punch or hurt you in anyway.


There are several types of waist trainers available in the market. Sometimes you may not get flattering results because you are not wearing the right style waist trainer.

Double belt waist trainer: if you are petite and need a waist trainer to fit better, then you can go for a double belt waist trainer. 

Triple belt waist trainer: if you want you drop a few inches during your waist training journey, then a three belt waist trainer is perfect for you.

Vest style: this type of waist trainer is recommended if you have a large bust or need higher compression and coverage for your back. 

Steel-boned corset: if you need a tight fit with amazing slimming effects, then a hook and eye closure steel-boned corset will give you good results.

Workout band: They are durable and recommended majorly for exercising purpose

Everyday waist trainer: They are invisible under your dress and can be worn for a full day. You will be comfortable wearing them.

Compression level

Compression level affects the fitting of a waist trainer. Steel-boned corsets give you the best fit because they can be tightened as much as needed. Workout bands and everyday trainers offer firm compression.

If your waist trainer doesn’t fit right, then assess the strength of its compression. A high compression garment will give you the most flattering fit and never pinch, roll or slip around.

Styling tips

If your waist trainer doesn’t fit you well, even after giving you a perfect fit, then it is comfortable to wear a cami below your dress. This will prevent your sweat from getting absorbed and also make you more comfortable. It will also not allow the waist trainer to roll or pinch.

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With little research you can order the best affordable shapewear for you which fits you perfectly.

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