Tips to Improve Your Handwriting Style

It is easy to wave away the importance of developing your handwriting style in this modern world. Sure, after all, smartphones and computers seem to have made handwriting basically redundant.

That’s not so. In the event that you want to recollect something, you may still need to write it down as opposed to typing it.  This guide shows you a few methods for improving your handwriting.

4 Strategies for Enhancing Your Handwriting Style

Handwriting may not seem popular anymore but it creates a good impression if your writing style is good. Below are four techniques for improving your handwriting style.

Improve your posture

Good posture will help you improve your handwriting. When you sit, make your back straight, feet should be level on the floor, and don’t cross your legs. Next, you need to shake your hand a bit – until it feels floppy. You can also improve your style by sitting upright – keep your lower arm laying on the table. This allows your arm to move the fingers as opposed to the wrist.

Pick the right pen

Your pen should even come first before deciding to write. Choose the right one – you can’t go wrong with a thick barrelled pen, offering you more control with your writing. It will definitely assist you to broaden the fingers and slacken your super-tense grasp.

Analyze your writing

The letters you find most challenging is what you should focus on. Does your O resemble Q, or the other way around?

Are some letters not appropriately framed? Also, your an and g may be left open at the top, they can be misinterpreted as u or y. Identify those letters you are not content with and work on improving them.

Begin a diary/journal

Beginning an everyday journal will convince you to rehearse your handwriting consistently. Even if it’s five minutes of practice, it will add up over time.


Improving your handwriting style is not that difficult if you are committed to the process of change. Don’t forget to use a good pen. Finally, a Parker fountain pen or a cross ballpoint pen would enhance your handwriting.

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