Tips to Maintain Brazilian Butt Lift

BBL, as it is commonly known is done to get a shapely backside. The fat of the person’s body is transferred to the buttock portion to enhance its round uplifted shape. In simple medical terms, it is a fat grafting procedure that promotes natural sexy look to the buttocks. This surgery is mostly preferred by women, especially middle age. This is because they are more troubled with saggy and less shapely butts. People who are very conscious about their figure to boost up the beauty of their apparel prefer to do this plastic surgery by specialists.

You can visit Liposuction NYC Specialty Clinic where you can have your BBL done by Dr. Levine, who is a well-experienced plastic surgeon. He is a specialist who has helped his patients to enjoy good health, fitness and shapely figure by doing liposuction successfully.

The process adopted in surgery to do BBL:

  • Mostly local anesthesia is given as only small amount of fatty tissues is transferred to the butt area.
  • Your surgeon uses the liposuction method to derive fat present in excess from other parts of the body. It is mainly removed from the stomach and thighs. Only a few incisions are done in the body to suck out the fat.
  • The fat removed is purified and then added to butts through injection. It is injected into a specific part of the bums so to create a round lovely shape to it. Then the injected part and the incisions are closed by stitches, the plastic surgeon’s work is done.
  • Now, proper post-care after surgery is quite essential to enjoy desired results. Of course, this kind of surgery promotes a lower risk of infection compared to the implant of silicon buttocks. However, there is a need to follow the instructions explained by your surgeon to avoid side effects and discomforts.

The negative aspects that you may endure if not following their suggestions strictly:

  • Permanent scarring.
  • Lumps formed under the skin injected or where liposuction was done.
  • You may even find skin loss in the treated areas because of infection.

Every person who has undergone BBL surgery takes a different time to recover. You need to be extra careful while doing physical activities and while sitting.

Here are other factors you need to take care of:

  • You can’t sit unless your surgeon gives the affirmative nod. This is because while giving pressure to the butt, the fat injected may not survive. You can use the BBL pillow to sit on for a few months.
  • You need to avoid sleeping on your back. It is best to sleep on your stomach.
  • You will be recommended to wear a specially designed compression garment for a month after the surgery. The garments help to heal and reduce the swelling.
  • It will be helpful not to do strenuous exercises at least for two months after the surgery.
  • Any kind of infections and continuous swelling should be mentioned immediately to the doctor.

Enjoying a healthy diet and sound sleep for many hours is sure to help you greatly to make your BBL a success.

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