Tips to Make Pizza Healthier:

Pizza is frequently regarded as fast food, that you should minimize generally. When you looked at famous and genuine pizzas from Italy, you notice dough with no additional fat, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and maybe extra tomato and oregano. However, the pizza we frequently eat is only a modernized approximation of the actual thing. I n Chicago, we have a deep-dish version that is essentially a pie-like crust filled with melting cheese and tomato sauces, with meat on top occasionally. A Greek pita pie is a terrific method to get in veggies.

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You can bake your homemade crust, buy one that is already produced, or use various crusts. Tortillas or the whole wheat pita bread can be used. Recently learned about a Cretan company that manufactures frozen pizza crusts using only wheat, olive oil, and yeast. And if you are buying pre-made crusts, that is what you will be searching for. They should simply contain flour, yeast, salt, and olive oil if desired. There should be no vegetable oil, chemicals, or anything in it.

Less use of Cheese:

Some little grated mozzarella goes a very long way; you do not need a lot of it, and because it melts well, even a small amount can coat the entire pizza crust.  You only had one slice of mozzarella leftover for the pizza, so you added another layer of cheddar cheese to make a total of two slices of cheese for the entire pizza.

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Topping of Vegetables:

When you put veggies on pizza, it naturally becomes healthier. Mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and broccoli are all great options. Moreover, because kids enjoy building pizzas, have them layer the veggies on top. Tomato sauce high in lycopene is also a veggie, and do not forget to season it with antioxidant-rich garlic and oregano.

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Avoid meat toppings:

Typically, pizza sausage toppings are processing smoked meats like pepperoni and salami which are high in salt and also in fat, and are estimated to cause of heart disease. However, no need to include any meat. It is better to save it for another dinner. It is not necessary for a pizza. If you really want to add additional protein, go for lean meats anchovies, prawns.

Add Salad:

Include a salad a Greek style salad with oregano, tomato and olive oil is nice in the summertime, and a cauliflower salad or spinach salad with olive oil and vinegar is good in the cold. Do not eat pizza without salad.

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