Tips to Recovery from Foot Surgery

Foot surgery can be invasive, and sometimes you may need to use crutches or a wheelchair during recovery. You might not enjoy the recovery period, but depending on the extent of the foot surgery, you may need a couple of weeks or months for recovery. However, the success of the surgery and ease of recovery will depend on the foot surgeon Fort Worth you choose. You should ensure they are trained and experienced to handle this. These are recovery tips after foot surgery and ways to regain foot function.

Coordinate With the Caregivers

You should work with your caregivers during recovery, especially if you are using crutches or wheelchairs for support. Even if you don’t like asking for help, the recovery time might not be easy as you might depend on other people to accomplish everyday activities. If you live alone, you may consider asking a caregiver to check in daily in the first days after surgery and reduce the frequency as you get better. You should have someone driving you home after the surgery as your feet might be incapacitated, making it difficult to operate a vehicle.

Stock Consumables before Surgery

You should stock any consumables you may need during recovery, like pantry foods, garbage bags, and paper products. You can pre-make frozen food to reduce your activities soon after the procedure. Moreover, you should buy the right footwear after surgery to prevent injuries during recovery.

Prepare the Home to Support the Healing Process

You should remove any obstacles in the corridors to ease movement around the house. You may move the sleeping area, dressing, and bathing spaces to the main floors of the home to avoid using the stairs frequently. You should set night lights around the house, avoiding movement in the dark. Grabbing bars and non-skid mats in the bathrooms and kitchen may increase stability during the recovery journey.

Keep the Brain Engaged

You may need to keep the brain engaged during recovery, as recovery is characterized by boredom. You may experience pain which leads to anxiety and depression. Thus you should prepare and keep your mental health a priority. You may select books to read, movies, new skills, or engage in a hobby during recovery.

Engage In Exercises

Although it might not be ideal for engaging in physical activities after foot surgery, you can re-introduce low-impact activities which help you move around again. However, resting is ideal during recovery and determines if the incisions heal properly. Resting gives the body time to perform natural healing. However, you should incorporate physical therapy, which is a key factor in post-surgery recovery. It strengthens and stretches the muscles and improves movement.

Recovery from foot surgery can be difficult, especially if you use crutches or a wheelchair. Thus you should prepare for the recovery process before booking an appointment with the foot surgeon. First, you might hire a caregiver or ask a loved one for assistance as you might have limited movement to affect the surgery. Then rest to improve the healing process and restore foot function. Finally, you should follow the post-surgery advice from your doctor to ease the recovery process.

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