Top 10 Wedding Guest Dresses to Shop Now

Weddings in India are famously renowned for their vibrance and their splendor. They are filled with music, dancing, intimate ceremonies, and sheer joy! When you’re invited to attend an Indian wedding, the excitement that comes with it can be maddening, but in the best ways! However, finding the right attire for you can be overwhelming, given the choices and traditions to account for.

Thinking about the kind of outfits you could wear as you scour through the internet for the best wedding collections? Use this guide to cut out the endless planning and skip straight to the fun part: the Shopping!

10 Vibrant Outfit Ideas For Indian Weddings

Indian wedding collections are beautiful and diverse, so much so that it can get just a tad bit confusing when you’re trying to choose one. Here are some of the most trending outfits currently to wear:

1. Floral Motifs

Florals have been around forever and will probably remain evergreen forevermore! They are a classy yet subtle and sleek choice, especially for weddings. Look for outfits with small, modern motifs that carry heavy embroidery or block printing, amongst others. When it comes to florals, the market is flooded with variety. Smaller floral motifs are chicer and are commonly found on sarees while bigger ones are used to adorn the skirt of lehengas.

2. Statement Blouse

Sarees are a great and ideal choice for Indian weddings. From traditional to fusion and modern, you will find sarees of all shapes, sizes, patterns, and more. But sometimes, a head-turner of an outfit involves a simple saree and focuses on the blouse. A statement blouse is something many young women are growing extremely fond of, as you can use any simple, minimal saree and spice your look with a stylish, extensively embroidered blouse instead!

3. Floor-Length Anarkali

A floor-length Anarkali can make anyone look charming and majestic. This is the kind of outfit that suits all body types with equal grace and has been a popular wedding attire for as long as any of us can remember! With the type of varieties coming out these days, involving mirror-work, embroidery, beautiful prints, dyed patterns, and more, you can easily find one that resonates with your fashion sense!

4. Shawl Twist

Winter weddings can be challenging. A great deal of effort goes into planning a wedding dress, but winters can exacerbate the problem. However, this can easily be fixed by adding one simple yet iconic element: Indian Shawls. Shawls keep you snug and warm and come in a diverse range of patterns and colors, like solid colors and thread embroidered patterns or bold, tie-dyed patterns in multi-color options; the possibilities are limitless.

5. Saree Jacket

If you’re looking for a traditional outfit with just a dash of modern in it, look into saree jackets! Adding an embroidered jacket on top of your lehenga blouse or saree can up your outfit to another dimension! These are perfect for engagement ceremonies and the use of pink, blue, green, red, and combinations of these on the motifs truly sets the jacket apart.

6. Gharara

Gharara is an Arabian style that exudes royalty. These outfits may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those that are fascinated, we suggest you simply go for it. Wearing these with pearls and smoky eyes can give you an intimidating, confident look that adheres to Indian traditions and attires as well!

7. Pant-Saree

Another fun thing you can play around with is the use of pants with your saree. To excuse yourself from the hassle of draping an entire saree around you, while still rocking the Indian saree look; this indo-wester look is the ultimate solution. You simply have to find a long dupatta and some loose, balloon-type pants. Now tablecloth linens is the important things.

8. Sheer Cape

Capes are currently trending in the fashion world and come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. You can use short, asymmetrical ones over a simple Anarkali or use a long one to tie up your lehenga as you ditch the boring dupatta!

9. Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are evergreen when it comes to Indian weddings, and one can never go wrong with them. They are iconic attires that come in many different styles and colors, and the options for blouses call out to one’s sense of allure and charm. Try out simple silk sarees with statement blouses or exquisite jewelry to complete the look!

10. Sharara:

Sharara is another traditional outfit that works great on any body type! It is elegant and sleek and truly brings out the grace within you. The varieties range from exquisitely traditional to minimalistic and modern and embody the traditional texture often found in  Indian wedding collections.

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