Top 5 AFL Prospects of 2021

The Arizona Fall League is one of the highly anticipated baseball events of the year. The competition is getting tougher and tougher every season. However, the AFL continues to produce highly talented players from these tough matches.

When it comes to ranking the talented individuals who have shown their skills this season, sometimes it is difficult to determine which ones will land on the list. Luckily, we have many ways to come up with a reasonable decision.

On this today’s news, we will strike a fine balance between performance and prospect, so here are our top 5 picks for the 2021 AFL season standouts.

Spencer Torkelson – Detroit Tigers

As for now, Spencer Torkelson was still in the Arizona Fall League under the Detroit Tigers. It was recently reported that Torkelson had injured his ankle during his attempt to go to third base. According to the reports, the top pick for 2019 is set to miss an essential period due to his injuries.

Luckily, his ankle injuries have healed and it is not bound to progress until 2022. What’s much more amazing news is that he is a player who can hit with a maximum force. It is no wonder that Torkelson will be a fantasy star someday.

CJ Abrams – San Diego Padres 

CJ Abrams currently will not participate in the action this year, however, he is included in the roster which means he can be on the top rank this year. And then, he did actually rank high, thanks to his high potential and performance on the pitch.

Recently, he received a MCL injury and had to leave the 2021 season early, however, without injury, he can manage to hit an incredible blow and possess an impressive agility and speed that can provide him with an opportunity to win in at least two categories.

Marco Luciano – San Francisco Giants

At the Low-A level, Luciano had a difficult head start, however, during his 70 matches with San Jose, he ended up gaining 18 home runs in the High-A level. This is the player that can manage to hit with an easy strike at a high power and also due to the fact that the ball bounced off his bat.

Luciano has a potential to be a fantasy star with his batting skills and incredible speed as long as he moves into the third someday.

Brett Baty – New York Mets

Not to be biased, but, I can’t seem to make this list without mentioning the incredible Brett Baty. Baty’s statistics is concrete enough with .292/.373/.404, however, the essential factor to consider is the quality of the at-strikes and the frequency of the ball getting hit hard.

Baty seemed to be pretty good at third base, which answers the question of his ability to remain in that position for a long-term.

Triston Casas – Boston Red Sox

Casas is one of the players with a lot of potential to be a fantasy star someday. He is known for his high power batting and his left-handed swing, along with his ability to recognize pitches and utilizing the field to his advantage.

This is another batter that is ready to deliver his A game on the field. He finished the season with a 17-match victory. He has a high potential to layon the major leagues, only if he gets out of first base, he has a long way to go.


The Arizona Fall League is a minor baseball league that is often played in autumn in Arizona during off-season. The league is currently operated by Major Baseball League and they are pooling prospects every year to compete into the major leagues and สยามกีฬา.

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