Top 5 Beds For Couple in 2021

A good night’s sleep is the right of everyone. A complete sleep not only keeps us performing physically in top shape but also maintains our mental stability. Hence, it is important to have your surroundings aiding in getting your quality sleep. Most importantly, you should buy a mattress that gives the comfort and back support you need for sleeping undisturbed. Yet, the equation completely changes when you factor in another person, i.e., your partner.

It is possible that the needs and requirements of each individual in a couple would be different in mattress choice. The additional body heat, different sleeping positions, and restricted bed space can really change your mattress choices. Also, when choosing a mattress for couples, you also need to consider motion isolation. A mattress with motion isolation would keep one side of the bed undisturbed even if there is movement on the other side. So, the existing difficult task of buying a mattress becomes increasingly complex. To let off some steam from the pressure of buying a bed for couples, Brownies Mattress Direct has shortlisted the top five mattresses for couples in the best price range like a mattress sale.

The Top 5 beds for couples

Citation Box Top

Mattress Type: Innergy Alternating Coil

Stiffness: Medium Firm

The first on our list is the medium-firm Citation box top mattress. Fitted with the Innergy alternating coils, the mattress provides exemplary lumbar support with motion isolation. The coils are soft enough for back and stomach sleepers without being a hindrance for side sleepers. The mattress design allows you to adjust the firmness level by flipping on the preferred side. The wool blend pillow top with foam comfort layer gives a softer lying surface. Flipping it reveals a firmer side without the wool-blend top. This mattress has incredible edge support due to the triple edge wire

Why is it a good couple’s mattress?

  • Ten-year warranty
  • The double mattress starts at $929
  • Efficient lumbar support
  • Motion isolation
  • Two-sided mattress with different firmness level
  • Triple edge wire support

iSleep Plush – Adjustable

Mattress Type: Individual Pocket Coil

Stiffness: Medium soft

The Therawrap range of mattresses is medium-soft thanks to the thick foam and quilted pillow-top design. The individual pocket springs provide enough cushion to keep your spine upright and offer the best motion isolation. The mattress is encased in a high-density foam box for effective edge protection. Owing to this, this mattress is a single-sided mattress that cannot be flipped. The pillow-top contours to your body shape to provide an encompassing feel that you get in a form mattress without the unnecessary heating.

Why is it a good couple’s mattress?

  • Five-year warranty
  • The double mattress starts at $1,079
  • Pocket springs for cushioning
  • Motion isolation
  • Foam box edge support

Windsor Latex

Mattress Type: Innergy Alternating Coil

Stiffness: Medium Soft

Designed for those allergic or have asthma, the latex layered Windsor range of mattresses is a medium soft mattress. Similar to the Citation box top mattress, this also has Innergy alternating coil base with a thick latex top for a hypoallergenic surface. The coil design provides excellent lumbar support and motion isolation. The Therafoam encasement improves stability with increased back support. This mattress is a two-sided mattress that can be flipped for long-lasting comfort and lumbar support.

Why is it a good couple’s mattress?

  • Ten-year warranty
  • The double mattress starts at $2,029
  • Innergy alternating coils for cushioning & Motion isolation
  • Therafoam support for improved edge support
  • Hypoallergenic Latex top layer

Spinal Plush

Mattress Type: 5 Zone Micro Pocket Spring

Stiffness: Firm

A unique mattress with a 5 Zone Micro Pocket Spring arrangement with a plush latex and eco gel top layer for maximum comfort and extra body support. The spinal plush is a firm mattress but provides enough contouring and lumbar support for a comfortable sleep. The Pocket spring arrangement allows optimal motion isolation and roll-together protection. The eco gel provides great temperature isolation. The mattress design makes it a single-sided mattress but the comfort offer is unparalleled.

Why is it a good couple’s mattress?

  • Ten-year warranty
  • The queen size mattress starts at $2,099
  • 5 zone Micro Pocket Spring for cushioning & Motion isolation
  • Eco gel layer for heat dissipation and airflow.
  • Hypoallergenic Latex top layer

Wrapping Up

A mattress is a serious investment. When choosing the right mattress as a couple, you take the right step ahead for achieving quality sleep without compromises. We hope the above five mattress choices may help you shortlist the perfect one. If still unsure, Brownies Mattress Shop has a wider choice of mattresses of varying sizes and budgets. Drop by and select the bed of your dreams.

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