Top 5 Benefits of Playing Online Poker

There is no denying that poker is one of the most fun and inclusive games available in the world today. People from all over the globe enjoy local card rooms and/or online. But what are some differences between these two ways to play poker? What advantages does online play offer over live games?

One notable difference is that you can sometimes play for free and still earn money. WPT freerolls are a great example of this. Freerolls are a great option for players with a limited budget but still want the thrill of playing for real stakes. However, that is far from the only benefit of online games. Here are 5 more:

1. It Offers Easy Access

There is nothing quite like being able to sit back in your favorite chair, take out your phone or another device, and play the game you love. With online poker access, there is no need to take a road trip to your nearest casino to sit around a crowded table full of noise.

2. There is a Wide Gaming Variety

Another benefit of online poker is that you can play several different game variants, usually many more than just NLH or PLO. Many sites offer access to stud and draw games, along with hi/lo.


And when you throw in the fact that many of them are offered at micro stakes or even no cost at all, as with WPT Global, the risk is much lower than at a live room.

3. You Have Access to Bonuses, Promos, and Other Rewards

You rarely see this at casinos and live rooms; free money. From deposit bonuses to special invites to rewards for referring new players or trying new games, online poker provides a lot of perks that real-world rooms simply do not.

4. No Dealer Mistakes or Gameplay Issues

One thing that drives poker players insane is dealing with dealer errors or other gameplay mistakes. When you play online, you will never have to worry about calling the floor manager to sort out an issue with somebody playing out of turn, someone else exposing their cards by accident, or a dealer forgetting to burn them before they turn.

5. It Provides a More Casual and Relaxed Atmosphere

This may be the biggest advantage for many players. The truth is that some people are not that comfortable sitting around a table full of people they don’t know. And ever since the pandemic, many folks simply prefer to be in the quiet and security of their own home.

*Online poker provides these players the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game from wherever they prefer*

Try a WPT Freeroll to Dip Your Toe in the Pool

If you are worried about playing online because you think it’s too easy to lose money, freerolls are a fantastic way to get into the action without risking anything. If you haven’t checked them out before, you really should consider giving them a chance.

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