Top 5 Decorous cricket stadium

As much as cricket is a traditional sport, stadiums are also aristocratic. Every country wants to build its International stadiums nicely. Stadiums are also the bearers of many traditions. 

Let’s talk about some decorated cricket stadiums in the world which are beautiful.



Lord’s cricket stadium bears many traditions; it is in London, England. 30,000  spectators can enjoy the game together. Lord’s is the Mecca of cricket, and It is a 206 years old cricket stadium. In 1884 England played their first test match on this venue against Australia. There’s a tradition of Lord’s that if anyone smashes century or takes five wickets, his name will write on Lord’s board.


This beautiful stadium is in Ahmedabad, India. Motera is the biggest stadium globally, with 115,000 people capacity: Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel Stadium is its full name. It is a 37 years old cricket stadium, and the Indian Government has to pay $110 Million for its building cost.


Melbourne cricket stadium is the second-largest cricket stadium of the world with a capacity of 101,024 spectators. Melbourne is a 167 years old Australian cricket ground. Australian Government has to pay $610,000,000 for its construction cost. Australia played their first test match on this venue in 1877 against England.


Eden garden is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world. Sixty-six thousand three hundred forty-nine people can enjoy the game together here in this beautiful Indian venue. Eden is the 156 years old cricket stadium. India played their first test match in 1934 at this venue against England.


Perth Stadium is also an Australian venue. It has a capacity of 60,000 people. Australia played their first test match three years ago against India at this venue. 

The overall management of the stadiums carries additional benefits for the spectators.

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