Top 5 Emerging Website Development Trends That You Should Know Of In 2022

Website development is not just about building the website. It also involves maintaining it thoroughly for better functioning and a seamless user experience. Developers use a variety of coding languages and programming for this purpose. Today, an end-to-end web development company will offer website building and maintenance, upgrade, and optimisation services. And having a website is no longer enough, requiring full-fledged marketing to gain a higher success rate.

Website development trends change every year, but while some come and go, some trends are here to stay and even create a big boost for existing websites. Below are some emerging website development trends that you should incorporate for your website to get a solid competitive edge.

Responsive Website

You cannot top the emerging website development trends list without a responsive website. A responsive website is an outlook that suggests that the website design should be compatible with the requirement, the environment of the users’ devices depending on the screen size, compatibility, platforms, and many more. For example, suppose you use the best digital marketing company to promote your website on multiple channels. In that case, the chances of a user discovering your website via a smartphone or other device are high. A user can look at your website on a laptop and then switch to a smartphone. If the resolution, font size, image, and other settings change drastically or are not ideally suited for the device used, it can lead to a big drop in leads generated.

The function is crucial in today’s age as users no longer access websites only from their desktop or laptop. Some powerful examples of responsive website (Design) are:

  • GitHub
  • Dropbox
  • Shopify
  • Slack

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web App is a type of application software setup with the help of web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. PWA are web applications built in a reliable, installable, and capable way. They use the latest web characteristics, cache, push notifications, and secure connections that provide opulent web-based experiences. PWA works on all the devices with a standard browser. PWA is a widely used application software because it allows for a high-quality user experience and the potential to replace local mobile apps.

Some powerful examples of Progressive Web App(PWA)

  • Starbucks
  • Spotify
  • Alibaba
  • Twitter
  • The Washington Post


Cybersecurity can protect computer systems, servers, data, and networks from being stolen or information being damaged, distributed, or disclosed to an external third party. Cybersecurity gained more importance in 2022 because we have automated our data, information, and processes, making them more susceptible to being stolen or misused. In addition, most modern businesses also have online payment, user-based access, and other features, which need strong protection to ensure that these are not exposed to cyberattacks.

Thus, a web development company also needs to provide high-security mechanisms such as HTTPS certification, URL Masking, and other cybersecurity measures that ensure that user information is protected and encrypted.

Some popular providers of cybersecurity

  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Microsoft

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulated surrounding of three-dimensional objects, images, and environment, which appears to be accurate, making the user feel immersed in the situation. The surrounding is created by a device known as a virtual reality headset. Virtual reality helps the user visualise and feel the products before buying them, making it one of the vital web development trends. It is mainly a growing trend in eCommerce and online stores.

Adopters of Virtual Reality

  • Mc Donalds (Happy Googles)
  • Volvo (Test Drive)

Push Notifications

Push notifications are actionable communications that pop up before the user while browsing the website. These communications are precise, timely, and conceptual. Companies use the technology to communicate their offers, messages, and information, which gains the user’s attention and interest, increases their engagement and re-engagement, and retains them. Push notifications are among the most helpful website development trends many leading businesses and companies have adopted. Push notifications can be easily introduced in emails, websites, and blogs and give timely notifications to users on their browsers or devices to help your brand get a higher recall.

Adopters of Push Notification

  • JetBlue
  • Buzzfeed News
  • eXtra


Many advancements will be seen in the Website development trends in 2022. Websites can no longer be a standalone digital marketing initiative and need support from social media and other channels to help optimise and maximize their potential. If you are looking for the best digital marketing agency or web development company to help maximise your digital marketing potential, reach out to our dedicated experts to help you get started today!

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