Top 5 Providers of Forex CRM in 2021

Beginner brokers who are going to get their feet wet in the Forex market should analyze this sector deeply, and the analysis shows which components to take into account foremost. CRMs are among the crucial factors, as such a system drives your business to new highs.

A high-class Forex CRM solution is responsible for a set of important tasks, including the interaction with leads, clusterization of both leads and active traders, automation of diverse processes, etc. Those systems are developed by providers that specialize in solutions related to financial markets. How to choose the most reliable provider out of tens of companies?

The step-by-step guide on how to select a trading CRM provider

Follow the next steps to come up with the best decision:

1. Understand your business goals precisely.

The first and foremost concern is to distinguish your company’s goals. For instance, clear whether the Forex market is your primary target, or your business is going to cover other spheres. Outline trading platforms and payment providers you expect to deal with.

2. Get a complex solution to make a jumpstart on the FX market.

A CRM system is undoubtedly an important component; meanwhile, beginner brokers need to implement a trader’s room and client’s portal to meet users’ expectations fully. On the one hand, you may find three different providers to get every component separately, but this way frequently leads to bugs and inappropriate integration of components. Apply to a provider that offers an all-in-one solution.

3.Choose the best-matching package.

Top-rated providers never force their clients to purchase useless features; this is why they suggest implementing a certain package. Glance over the list of features for every package and compare them to your business needs. When your business grows, it is an easy task to switch your software to another package, getting more capabilities.

Use the given recommendations to choose the best software. Still, have questions and doubts? Look through the list of top-5 providers offering a Forex back office and other components in 2021

Top-5 FX CRM providers

B2Broker: hail the revolutionary B2Core product

B2Broker is a company with maximalist demands when in the context of designed products. All the solutions are claimed to jump a client’s business to a brand new level, and B2Core is not the exception, as this innovative, eye-catching solution offers diverse businesses exactly what they need.

Three packages with sets of diverse features save clients’ costs, as they can select the solution they need, without wasting money on the useless features. Every package unites a CRM for Forex, trader’s room, and client’s portal. The product is compatible with the vast majority of trading platforms and payment providers. Furthermore, this ready-to-implement solution offers innovative and high-end features for traders, making them loyal to your business.

B2Broker is awarded as the best CRM provider at Global Forex Awards.

Leverate: LXCRM to build your relationships with traders

The Leverate provider offers systems designed specifically for brokers’ needs. The solution aims to increase your business efficiency through marketing and automation instruments inbuilt into the system. Access numerous customized dashboards to get the fullest control over your business processes and statistics.

LXCRM is a solution compatible with trading platforms, affiliate systems, emailers, payment providers, etc.

Syntellicore: All-in-one solution to boost your business

The Syntellicore CRM system is known as the 2020 award-winner for innovation & excellence; this is why the popularity of such a trading system gains momentum. The product includes a CRM proper, trader’s room, and client’s area. On top of working with leads and reporting, this software has an effective multi-tier rebate system for IBs and affiliate programs.

Brokers may easily implement this software with Meta Trader 4 and 5 trading platforms. Furthermore, the provider pays much attention to the KYC procedure, enabling newcomer traders to verify their accounts easily.

Scale: get full control of your business

Scale is an-award winning CRM provider recognized as the best solution in 2020, according to AtoZ markets. The company makes the core accent on the ability of a business owner to control every aspect and implement instant changes when necessary. CRM systems are secure and compliant with many outer platforms and services.

The provider enables a broker to measure and track sales, speeding your progress up. Furthermore, the automation of client interactions saves your acquisition costs. The product is useful for FX/crypto brokers and hedge funds.

Zoho: Upgrade the interaction level with your clients

Zoho is another award-winning CRM solution that is compatible with most trading platforms and payment providers. As for the key advantages, the provider accentuates its security, reliability, and mobile accessibility. Furthermore, the system has no hidden costs and contracts.

The Zoho solution empowers users to create their own extensions and integrations. The same relates to cross-platform apps. Widget SDK makes it possible to design your own widgets or embed third-party ones. The solution entirely meets your business’ demands.

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