Top 5 Restaurants in Raymond Terrace

There is a lot to do in Raymond Terrace, a riverside community with a long history and an outstanding dining and entertainment scene. Whether you want to boat or picnic on the Hunter River or dine or have fun, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Thai At 27

Thai at 27 is an excellent spot for an Asian dinner on the go. Their menu is full of popular dishes such as spring rolls, noodles, and grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce. If you want a conventional Thai dinner, order the Pad Thai with tamarind, bean sprouts, peanuts, and eggs. Thai at 27 is located at 27 William Street, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens, NSW 2324.

Oh Thai

Oh Thai Restaurant serves generous portions of fresh, quality ingredients at an economical price. Whether you want a quick takeaway meal or a nice meal, you’ll become a regular here in no time. Oh Thai’s village-style cooks bring years of Thai eating experience to your table. You will return again and again for the scrumptious cuisine as well as the fine service. 5 William St, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens, NSW 2324.

Golden Terrace Chinese Restaurant

The Golden Terrace located at Pacific Gardens Village, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens, NSW 2324 is everything you would expect from a Chinese restaurant, from chow mein to steamed dim sum. There is also a vegetarian menu with tofu, zucchini, and mushrooms as well as spring rolls and dumplings. The Golden Terrace has a quick, satisfying meal for you. According to one Trip Advisor reviewer, “Old school charm – beautifully fresh food freshly cooked.”.

Riverhouse Café

The Riverhouse Café is the ideal location for a laid-back riverfront breakfast: egg rolls, crispy bacon, smoked salmon, fresh-baked buns, and, of course, excellent coffee. The Café also offers a decent children’s menu and is pet-friendly.  . You can find Riverhouse Café at 1 Hunter Street, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens, NSW 2324.

Sulee Thai 

Pad Thai is one of the most popular dishes at Sulee Thai. Coconut rice, cashew chicken, and pineapple curry are also excellent choices. The menu at Sulee Thai is extensive, so if you don’t know where to begin, ask for the chef’s suggestions. The establishment’s suggested menu includes Siam duck, royal prawns, chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. Sulee Thai delivers a cheerful experience, no matter what you choose.

You can find Sulee Thai at 80 Benjamin Lee Dr Shop 10, Raymond Terrace, Port Stephens, NSW 2324.

It’s worth checking out these restaurants when you’re in Raymond Terrace. Whether you want a quick bite, a takeaway, or a full dinner, you won’t be disappointed.