Top 7 Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting

The field of cosmetic and plastic surgery has done miracles to make you satisfied with your appearance and bring the changes in your body according to your wishes and desires. Facial fat grafting is one of these advanced procedures that uses modern technology and shows excellent results to make your face look more radiant and younger.

This procedure is used worldwide to cover up the signs of aging more naturally. If done by the best facial plastic surgeon in Mumbai, this procedure provides excellent results, and the satisfaction rate is high among its receivers.

Here is how facial fat transfer can change your life for the better.

1. It’s a Natural Procedure

Facial fat grafting is a natural procedure as it removes the fat from your own body and transfers it to your face. Unlike facial implants, in facial fat grafting, the chances of infection are minimal. There is also no risk of your body rejecting the foreign object. The newly transferred fat establishes its blood supply from the face after a few days and becomes a natural part of your face.

2. It Kills Two Birds with One Stone

As facial fat grafting involves removing fat from a body part and then transferring it to the face, there is an added benefit to this procedure. Not all the curves in the body are desirable. Gaining fat in some areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, etc., can cause an unappealing look. You can decide the site from where you want to remove the fat. It will help you get a more aesthetic overall appearance and a more proportionate body.

3. It has a Shorter Recovery Period

Autologous fat transfer is a minor procedure and does not require a hospital stay. The recovery is fast, free of complications, and can be carried out at home. Make sure to follow all of the post-operative instructions to avoid any problems. Recovery can take up to 2 weeks depending upon the extent of the treatment.

4. It Gives Long-Lasting Results

Facial fat transfer provides long-lasting results. A significant percentage of the transferred fat cells becomes the permanent part of the face. One way to keep your results for even longer you should pay attention to your weight. Eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight can provide longevity to the results.

5. It is Minimally Invasive

The liposuction and fat injection to the face is done with fine needles, and there is no need for surgical cuts. Facial fat transfer uses a minimally invasive technique to make your skin youthful and rejuvenated. It also helps you heal faster and leave minimal scarring.

6. There is No Chance of Rejection

Our body has a natural ability to fight against any foreign object that enters it. It is a defense mechanism used to fight and kill harmful factors that can hurt our bodies. The facial fat grafting procedure saves you from such reactions. As in this procedure, your own body fat is used and there is no chance of foreign object rejection.

7. It Makes Yor Skin Better

Facial fat transfer not only fills up the deep creases and wrinkles that have developed over the years but also improves the overlying skin. The skin will appear smoother and fuller.


Facial fat grafting is an exceptional cosmetic procedure with tremendously positive results.

You can make an online appointment with the best facial plastic surgeon in Mumbai and benefit from this fantastic surgery. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a renowned Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon practicing at Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. He is an alumnus of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, and Harvard Medical School, Boston.

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