Top 7 Steps to Create an Unforgettable Book Cover

An author who is writing a book firstly focuses on the content and then the main thing that is the book cover. A book cover is the only thing that catches people’s eyes immediately. An interesting and refreshing book cover is the first thing people look for. Most people go by the content but the relevant book cover enhances the interest of a person to read a book. There are various genres like sci-fi, romantic, real story, horror, etc in which a book is written by an author. No doubt the book cover designs are used to give an idea to the people about the book in the first look and most importantly to sell in the market. For an author other than the story, the brochure design is the only thing that will help the author to gain more people and sell many copies of the book. A book lover who finds every genre has its importance knows the importance of the book cover. As many online sites provide books of almost every genre one can purchase these books from websites like Designhill, where people can buy books online and the shipment is all over the country.

There are various steps by which an author can make the unforgettable book cover:

  • Find creative ideas for the book cover:

After writing a book, what’s left is the cover design of the book. So that the book will reach the maximum number of people and complete the target market. The first thing a buyer notices is how Inspiring, refreshing, and also attractive are the cover designs. So a writer should find something unique and more interesting to cover designs for their books. For this, a writer can use his/her vision or can take help from some experts. He/She also hire a book cover designer. Just try to be more creative with the ideas and use the content on which the book is written as a theme.

  • Using software for the design of the book cover:

A writer can write a book with a pen and then give them to printing but for the cover designs, a writer has to use the software. If a writer knows how to design the book cover then can make it their own and if not then can help from some experts. The writer can share the vision and ideas with these experts to make the book cover design more relevant to the content and with a perfect theme. Also, the writer can add more details to it for the target market purpose. So for the cover design, a cover designing expert is necessary.

  • Using perfect fonts:

The good content or the perfect story will make the book famous and increase the number of readers but using the wrong fonts can cause a bit of disappointment. If the theme of the book is interesting and inspiring but the fonts used to describe the book are not up to the point then it can affect the market and can slip away from readers’ eyes. So it is a very important part of any graphic design stuff like book cover design, logo design, brochure design etc.

  • Right choices of colours and printing:

If a writer after finishing the book thinks of a perfect design cover and the writer has the idea to make it more attractive but fails to put the right printing colours can affect the taste and texture of the book. This will also affect the market’s demand and will not reach the maximum number of people. So before putting the theme and creativeness while cover designing make sure that

the right choices of colours should be there. That will enhance the quality and charm of the book.

  • Cover size and perfect dimensions:

Today most of the books are sold online and while purchasing a book, a reader usually goes through the thumbnail and scrolls down. If a book with unequal dimensions will appear then it can affect its worth whether the content or story narrated by the writer is good. But it will not work that much, so try to design the book cover with perfect dimension and all the templates with the right size. A writer can hire an expert for the perfect cover size and can share the idea to make it possible.

  • Cover Images and art:

If an author is writing a biography on someone and wants to portray that person’s image then it is important to put the right image with every single detail. Not only for the biography it can be used for different genres. A perfect cover image can attract many people and make them curious to read the book. An expert can make this possible if the writer narrates the theme of the story perfectly. It is very important to show all the details a writer wants to put on the book cover so that people can easily understand what the writer is trying to say. And the cover image can tell everything without writing anything on it.

  • Final Touch:

After writing a book and hiring an expert for cover designs the thing which is left is the final touch. When the writer is narrating the story and sharing the theme of the book cover, the expert tries to put the writer’s vision on it. The expert knows how to use colours and images to make the book more attractive and inspiring. Depending on the genres, the book cover is made. After completing all the tasks and designing, the writer should check the book cover from a reader’s point of view. So that no single mistake will be left that can affect the whole book and marketing target. Check every single detail carefully and concern the professionals and give the final touch. The book will look attractive to the reader and develop an interest in reading.

These are some of the tips one can use before publishing a book and people who can’t afford to hire an expert can use different websites to create their cover designs.

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