Top Amenities to Look for When Leasing an Office Space in Del Mar 

Del Mar is a picturesque seaside village located in San Diego County, California, and is renowned for its serene beaches and the majestic Torrey Pine tree. If you are looking for an apt Del Mar office space for lease, it’s vital to consider the amenities and facilities that set it apart from other workspaces. 

Especially in the unique beach city of Del Mar, which enjoys a one of a kind ambiance and exciting coastal scenes, it’s vital to opt for an office with a laid back yet professional environment to have a productive day at the office.

Here are some of the top amenities to look for when leasing office space in Del Mar:

Glass Walls or Window View

Research shows a strong relationship between employees’ exposure to daylight and their quality of life. That too, living in a city like Del Mar, it’s essential to soak in the beauty of the pristine beaches and avid greenery. Therefore, choose an office space in Del Mar with operable windows and expansive outdoor spaces that will help you catch a nice view. 

This way, when you need a breather after back to back meetings or challenging tasks, you can simply stare outside the window and renew your focus. Besides, it would be great to have an office near the best Del Mar beaches to take time out and walk along the bay quickly.

Transport Options

Employees may be driving, biking, or using public transportation to commute to work. Hence, when looking for Del Mar office space for lease, ensure that it is suitably located with quick connection to freeway and coaster/rail or bus service with accessibility to all of San Diego.

For short commutes, some workers will choose to bike, so the workspace should have a secure place to lock up bikes and ample parking space for cars as well. Choose a prominent location in Del Mar to help employees get to work with ease and ready for a fresh start.

 On-Site Food and Coffee

An office is like a home away from home for hardworking employees. You need food and coffee to get through a busy working day. Therefore, opt for an office space for lease with a kitchen and cafeteria to help you lounge and engage in friendly conversations while catching up on meals or coffee.

Access to Restaurant Options

Del Mar may be smaller in area but is home to an eclectic food scene with vast restaurant choices. Apart from on-site dine-in options, it’s also vital for your office space in Del Mar to be located near prominent local restaurants and cafes for team outings and client meetings. Whether you are looking for casual dining options or exquisite Italian style rendezvous, it’s essential for your office space to be centrally located near distinct eatery choices and markets to make life easier.

Retail Access

Employees are busy, and having access to retail outlets in Del Mar can be a crowd-pleaser to support their personal life. This will help them in running errands without any hassles or an excessive need to travel further. The right mix of retailers with quick accessibility to banks, grocery markets, shipping/mailing centers, and other major shopping plazas will help employees handle errands during break and balance professional and personal life with great convenience.

Outdoor Amenity Areas

Seek out an office space that provides Wi-Fi-equipped outdoor amenities. Vital spaces where your team can get some fresh air and a fresh perspective will enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity. Search for the gold standard of outdoor amenities that offers access to sunshine, views, and a place for true “blue sky” ponder with lush beach scenery in Del Mar.

Safety and Security

With the current pandemic and subsequent adjustment to a ‘new normal’, the office environment needs to be equipped with the utmost safety and precautionary measures. Amenities such as HVAC systems and improved air circulation with exposure to fresh air outside when needed are imperative. Rather than having restrictive closed spaces and enclosed hallways, it’s best to have open-air spaces, social distancing design plans, and exterior entries to account for safety during pandemic times.

Besides, also consider secured access with best practices of 24/7 security, a backup power generator, and emergency drills.

All in all, when you are out hunting for the best Del Mar office space for lease, the above pointers can help you narrow down on the right options and make a reliable workspace choice.  Although these unique sets of amenities are just one of the factors in investing in the right office space, it is an essential consideration for a vibrant and conducive work environment.

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