Top Five Apps For Streaming Music & Video

Are you a music fanatic like me? Can’t survive a day without streaming music & video? Well, welcome to the club then. Listening to music gives you that sensation of varying emotions from your soul. For me, I like to hear them from my phone, how about you?

Still, looking for the best app to stream music and video? Well, here are the top five apps for streaming music & video.

1. Spotify

This app is my favorite and only app for streaming music & video. Why? Because I already got everything I needed and wanted from a music app. I can hear all music, whether it is a nostalgic song that brings back the memories to the top hits of the year.

You can also get recommended songs that are created by Spotify based on your most heard songs, and also you can download them and listen offline. You can even create your own song choices. Cool, right?

The number of songs that Spotify offers are also breathtaking, you will be amazed by how many song choices you can hear from this marvelous app. Their song collections vary too, from rock, pop, rap, or other genres. You can also choose songs from many countries, either from the USA, South Korea, Japan, or even Indonesia, and they also offer top hits songs from each country.

You can choose whether you want to listen to the songs for free or pay a subscription. Either way, you still be covered with plenty of song choices. The only difference is you will hear ads if you choose the free option, meanwhile in the subscription plan, besides listening to the song, you can also download it to listen offline. You can also choose your own songs collection. You can also listen to podcasts or music from radio stations.

2. Google Play Music MP3

This app is also a great choice for streaming music & video because you will get a lot of benefits by downloading this app to your devices. Like Spotify, Google Play Music MP3 also offers a free choice or pay a subscription. Of course, the benefit of the subscription is more useful for you, you can playback offline, hear podcasts of your choice, and many other benefits.

Another benefit you get from this app is its high-quality audio, which is MP3. Google Play Music also offers a bunch of features like top charts, radio stations, and many other features that will bring the most from an app.

3. Amazon Prime Music

One of the most benefits of downloading this app is it is ads free, you won’t be bothered by ads when listening to your most popular music. Besides that, it also offers 2 million songs to choose from, quite a lot, don’t you think so?

Another benefit is it also works well with Alexa, so you can connect these two. Quite helpful, right?

4. YouTube Music

Well, you may know that YouTube isn’t only limited to video or movies, but it also offers an app, especially for you to listen to and enjoy music too. YouTube Music offers a lot of catalogs of songs that you can choose from, and the app also offers well worth of songs to listen to. But the minus of this app is you have to pay a subscription if you want to download the music of your choice.

5. SoundCloud

This app is known for being made for emerging artists, you will be able to hear music from unknown artists that are just at the beginning of their music career. So if your hobbies are to predict which artist will make it up to their career, then this app is the right one for you. You can even make contact with the artist, interesting, wouldn’t you say? You also can connect to your friends in this app. But like other apps, there is also a downside, which is the same as other free apps, you will hear a bunch of annoying ads.

So that’s the top five apps for streaming music & Aha Video. Find which suits you the most and start downloading it now. The music will help you relax and help you to enjoy your time more.

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