Top Gift Ideas for New Born Babies

If there is only one memorable moment in the life of parents, then the birth of their child is of course the number one. They want to record it in all kinds of ways, as a reminder of those exciting hours in the hospital after which they could finally hold their little one in their arms. 

These gifts will capture babyhood, something permanent as a keepsake for later:

  • small name bracelet for the baby with the date of birth on it
  •  Purchase baby photo frames to capture the precious moments of newborn babies.
  • have the design of your  birth announcements magnified (e.g. that of Jullie) and framed or have something special made of it: a shoe, lampshade or baby plate
  • give a newborn photo shoot as a gift to have the little one beautifully immortalized in the photo for the first days nice photo album to give the first photos a nice place.
  • As a parent, you must ensure that every need of the baby is taken care of. Therefore, do not forget to include essential items along with keepsake gift items in the list. For example, you can giveaway the best muslin swaddles to your baby which will make them sleep comfortably.
  • nice photo album to give the first photos a nice place

Why a baby bracelet as a reminder?

There are actually very few things that you as parents keep forever from the infancy of your child. After two children and a move, the clothes have been tidied, the toys are on Baby store and the piggy bank and the silver rattle are in the attic. But a piece of jewelry, such as a baby bracelet for the little one, is often preserved. It will be given a special place in Mom’s jewelry box, among her other precious memories. Inside our baby newborn hamper, you will find essential baby items such as singlets and growsuits

Many parents are happy with every gift they receive. It is sweet, fun and thoughtful that the maternity visit has brought something. But since mountains of stuff go through in that first year, those are a very welcome gift.

The handy gift

In contrast to the useful gift (with things you ‘consume’), the handy maternity gift is something that makes the life of a mother and father much more pleasant. Things that they may not know themselves, but that are very handy and original. With these gifts you can think of:

  • rear-view mirror in your car to keep an eye on the baby, this mirror can be adjusted, which is in the opposite direction of you in the back seat
  • breastfeeding bracelet or pin ( which breast did I display? )
  • diaper storage case, because diapers are always with you with small children and it is useful to have a nice and handy packaging for them; there are also cases where you can immediately store a thin pack of wipes> doubly handy
  • spoon  for the first fruit and vegetable snacks in the shape of an airplane or train ( that’s where the first snack flies )
  • something for your buggy , such as a bag, a parasol or a handy hook for hanging something
  • plastic containers for freezing baby food ; maybe not so nice to give, but original; You can bet that the parents are very happy with it and will use them often
  • Bumbo babysitter , a soft seat in which babies from 3 months can sit independently
  • baby sleeping bag, you can never have too much of it; useful for tossing and turning children who keep coming out from under their bedding; pay attention to size and season.

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