Totwoo Smart Jewelry Review: Connect You and Your Lover

When two people are in love, they long to be in each other’s company because of the wonderful feeling of being in love. However, they can be forced to be away from you because of different reasons. At this point, you are usually anxious and want to know if they still think about you. If you feel this way, you will have to get yourself one of these gifts. This means that you will need to buy one of the following bracelets or necklaces. They help connect you and your lover regardless of their location or how busy they are. The devices have been designed for great user-friendliness and they can be used while on the move. They all sport amazing designs that can help complement your outfit.

1. totwoo Sun & Moon Smart Vibration Bracelets

If you are looking for a suitable wearable device to connect you and your lover, then the totwoo Sun & Moon smart vibration bracelets do the magic. This product features a pair of hand-worn bracelets – one for the man and the other for the woman. Designed with amazing aesthetics, they each come with a black and brown Milan rope. These couple bracelets make it a lot easier for lovers to connect even when they are faraway from each other. The two bracelets are interconnected and each time you press one, the other one vibrates and lights up with amazing colours. Featuring a sun and moon design, they can be used by lovers to share special moments. They also have a wide range of features that can keep lovers connected. When fully charged, they can work for several days.

2. totwoo MEMORY Heart Necklace

What better way to connect you and your lover than using this smart 18-carat gold-plated silver necklace? This jewelry is a fine accessory that can be used to enhance your appearance. It is also a great multimedia storage device that can be used to share special moments between you and your lover. This is a traditional locket that comes with a sophisticated and elegant design. It also works as a memory storage device that is capable of storing memorable videos, songs, and pictures. This jewelry offers the best of both worlds: it gives you the perfect look while helping you save some of the most precious moments in your life. As a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry, it is recommended as a gift for memorials, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and holidays.

3. Love Always Wins Smart Bracelets Sets 

Made for two people who are in love with each other, the Love Always Wins Smart Bracelets Set is an innovative way to connect you and your lover. This set of jewelry for two comes in a minimal and lightweight size that they feel comfortable on the wrist. They have both been marked by distinct designs – the black bracelet for him and the pink one for her. These bracelets work by tapping one and the other vibrated and lights up. This way, you know that your partner is thinking about you. The bracelets come with a romantic design and have been made to help couples stay connected to each other. It comes with an app that allows it to connect with your smartphone to send special love messages.

4. Mountain & Sea Smart Vibration Bracelets

Another smart bracelet that can easily connect you and your lover is this silver smart bracelet from To two. The bracelets are meant for couples who are romantically involved with each other. It features several special features to help lovers or couples stay connected. The bracelets work essentially by lighting up and vibrating when one partner touches it from the other end. It usually works perfectly when both partners are separated from each other by physical location. Then the bracelet device can be used to connect you to your partner. This way, you will never miss any romantic moment. From letting them know that you are thinking about them to notifying you of their call, the bracelet does it all. In addition, they are made from superior and durable materials to enjoy a long time of connection with your partner.


Sometimes, when we are far away from the people we love, we long for a way to connect with them. While a cellphone can help in this regard, you want something more personal and unique. Also, you want something that allows you to be as romantic as possible. The cellphone fails to establish a personal space for lovers over a distance to create an intimate space. These wearable devices will connect you with your lover regardless of distance. They feature special and unique features to spice up your love life. With these bracelets and necklaces, you will never feel lonely each time your partner travels or are in another location.

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