Toyota Corolla vs Hyundai Accent

Many thousands of people elect to purchase a compact car, and for the vast majority of buyers, there is only one choice, the Toyota Corolla, the most popular automotive model in the automotive industry by sales. Nearly 1.5 million Toyota Corolla’s have been sold since they were introduced in 1966.

Naturally, Toyota has many challengers trying to bump off the Toyota Corolla, and one of those challengers is the Hyundai Accent, brought out by Hyundai in 2011.

So how do they compare?

A Subcompact vs a compact?

The first thing to say is that it seems hardly fair to compare the Hyundai Accent vs the Toyota Corolla.

First, the Toyota Corolla is 10 inches longer than the Hyundai Accent, and the curb weight of the Toyota Corolla is 400 pounds more than the Hyundai Accent.

As a consequence, the Toyota Corolla is more of a compact car, while the smaller Hyundai Accent drives like, feels like, and is more of a subcompact car.

Exterior appeal

When placed side by side, there is no question that the Toyota Corolla has a more

sport look to it.

Toyota is big on two-color themes, and the vehicle just looks sportier. Not that the Hyundai is a slouch on looks. But there is just an extra touch of elegance in the Toyota Corolla which can be observed when you put the two side by side.

Engine and transmission

Not surprisingly the Toyota Corolla has the more powerful and zippier engine as well.

The Hyundai Accent comes with a 120 horsepower inline 1.4 inline 4 cylinder engine which produces 113 feet of torque.

In contrast, the Toyota Corolla comes with a 1.8 Liter 4 cylinder engine which produces 139 horsepower, 19 more than the Accent, and adds 13 foot of torque at 126 feet.

Interestingly, the Toyota Corolla not only produces more power but does so at fewer RPMs than the Hyundai Accent.

As to a transmission, Hyundai offers a 6-speed manual transmission unless you upgrade to a higher trim while Toyota offers a CVT transmission across all trim levels.

Fuel economy

You may be wondering how a more powerful engine translates into fuel economy.

Surprisingly, the combined gas mileage of both the Toyota Corolla and the Hyundai Accent is the same, a frugal 33 miles per gallon or roughly $950 or so per year in fuel costs.


Here is one area where Toyota beats the pants out of the Hyundai Accent.

The Hyundai accent comes only in cloth seating and the dash and side rests exhibit a lot of plastic.

The seats of the Toyota Corolla are not full leather, but rather they have a mixture of cloth and leather, with enough leather to look truly luxurious.

Nary a bit of plastic are seen on the armrests, interior door coverings or the dash.

While the dash and interior linings are not leather, they are a soft, stitched material that is worlds above plastic.

As to the seating, they are fundamentally similar with skosh more rear-seat room in the Toyota Corolla. but as the main difference in the seating is the leather.

Oh, and one more thing. For the front seats, Toyota offers heated, ventilated seats.

In addition, both the front seats are adjusted electronically. With the Hyundai Accent, only the drivers seat adjusts electronically. The front passenger seat is adjusted manually only.

The Toyota Corolla has a significantly sophisticated instrument panel allowing you to obtain many important engine criteria. The Hyundai Accent instrument panel pales in comparison and sophistication.


With most models of the Hyundai Accent, you get a 5-inch infotainment screen.

The Toyota infotainment system comes with a 7-inch screen on all trim levels, and appears far superior in terms of performance.

The JBL speakers in the Toyota Corolla are also much better.


Here Hyundai excels offering a 5 year, 60,000-mile warranty and a 10-year powertrain warranty. In addition, oil changes are free for the first three years.

Toyota has already announced that it is not hurting sales and has no intention of

extending its 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty.

And when depreciation comes into the picture, Toyota believes it’s proven that you will get a lot more for your trade-in value.

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The Hyundai Accent is nearly $4,000 cheaper and is one of the best discount cars available at $15,349 while the base model Toyota Corolla runs around $20,025


If you put the two cars head to head, the Toyota Corolla wins by a mile. It’s the superior vehicle despite the price difference and is a better driver. 

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