Transparent Round LED Screen: When the Shop Window Goes Digital

LED technology now makes it possible to create transparent screens broadcasting dynamic animations. An opportunity to boost commercial windows, attract attention and stand out from the competition. Welcome to the future of point-of-sale advertising!

There are many communication channels that a business can use today among them are LED screens. Existing in a classic and transparent form, the LED screen provides access to a much more efficient method of communication than that of the printed poster, for example. The most used nowadays is the transparent LED screen. Indeed, the latter lets daylight pass over a large part of its surface, allowing it to provide more clarity in the environment where it is installed. You can find round led screen at HSC LED after reading he entire article carefully. So read it carefully you will get more information regarding this;

Transparent LED screen: what is it?

This is a new type of screen available on the market; it is equipped with LEDs welded to a fine aluminum mesh. It is a new solution that does not incorporate any fragile glass or adhesive liable to deteriorate over time. The parts used for its manufacture are all removable and repairable.

Usually, they are used in stores or on glass buildings to convey a message. Indeed, the main role of the transparent LED screen is to improve the communication of companies as well as their attractiveness. Very aesthetic, they offer a perfect balance between quality images and high brightness.

It is available in different sizes and in all shapes. Very sophisticated and ultramodern, their dimensions are often generous, thus making it possible to cover a large area, a window for example. With the many advantages it offers, the transparent LED screen is very well suited to a “giant panel” type use.

The advantages of using it in a store window or for any type of commercial window

For a company wishing to innovate, the transparent LED screen has a certain advantage. The very first advantage is the possibility of making use of it for its external communication. There is also the aesthetics provided by its dynamic display. With a transparent LED screen, the company can broadcast content without making the separations appear.

The message that the company is trying to send to its customers and prospects is seen from near and far. Indeed, this screen offers an incredible clarity of diffusion. With this added interest, it can emit a brightness equivalent to that of a showcase screen. In figures, it is 4,000 candelas and more

Such brightness is made possible by diodes used from behind the screen. Depending on the resolution of the content and the distance between the screen and passers-by, the pitch varies between 2 and 10 mm. By pitch, we mean the distance between the center of each LED horizontally and vertically.

The smaller the pitch, the more it offers a density of pixels per square meter. This makes it possible to clearly visualize the message conveyed by the said company. Let us also add that the price of the connected screen is influenced by the quality of the image it can render.In comparison with conventional LED screens, transparent ones offer an economic advantage. You have the option of ordering your made-to-measure transparent LED screen. Such an operation can only be carried out by experienced manufacturers. These offer a price adapted to the needs of the customer.

Some examples of the use of the transparent LED screen

Apart from its use in shops, department stores, or on the facade of large buildings, it is also used during shows for projection. The transparent LED screen is used, for example, to energize concerts, trade fairs, or even showrooms. In the case of use in a store, the customer experience is optimized. Said customers will be able to enjoy an image quality close to that of a 4K screen, which means that the transparent LED screen is an exceptional tool. Let us add that not only are the visuals animated, but they capture the gaze of passers-by, in real-time. Clearly, this tool is a real asset allowing companies to stand out from the competition.

For its installation, location and size are two elements that directly affect the cost. Indeed, suspended in an open space or on the front of a store, the technical constraints differ. If the constraints are low, the installation of the transparent LED screen can be done in less than an hour. You can use a transparent LED screen to ensure a pleasant visual spectacle. Indeed, these modern technological tools represent added value for its users. Always more innovative and depending on the model, the transparent LED screen is equipped with several specific features and accessories that make it an effective tool suitable for dynamic signage.

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