Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship for more than 200 nationalities around the world is extremely important due to the advantages of the Turkish passport on the one hand and the services and rights of Turkish citizenship holders on the other hand, in addition to the restrictions applied in many countries of the world on trade, travel and money transfer .
The law to reduce the threshold for obtaining Turkish citizenship came by buying real estate worth 250 thousand dollars (after it was a million dollars before) that was presented in the Official Gazette in September 2018 as medicine for foreign traders and investors who consider Turkish citizenship a safe haven for them and an alternative plan for their troubled countries Economically or politically. The turkish citizenship by investment is so popular to invest in real state business.

But Turkey is an unfamiliar foreign country with many nationalities around the world, so how can you  deal with it inside or outside it as a citizen who officially holds citizenship and a Turkish passport? More importantly, the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, which is 250 thousand dollars, is an opportunity on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is a financial capital that is not small in the real estate sector in Turkey, so what should the buyer invest in this amount? On the other hand, you have to visit this site to know about property in istanbul for sale.

After we noticed that many investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship do not pay attention to the investment process itself, as if they are buying Turkish citizenship without giving attention to creating a successful investment that generates money on them, perhaps better than their basic profession, we saw to write this article to explain the importance of investment in Turkey and what can the investor get Within this budget.