Twin XL vs. Twin Bed Size: Things to Consider When Purchasing

For a house, every element of furniture is important right from the Dining table to the Beds. Since a lot of entities are involved in completing what is called a Home, not everything goes by the looks, some have other factors to get influenced or have different parameters for selection, especially when it comes to Mattresses.

Mattresses play a very important role in getting good quality sleep and in getting support to the body and keeping the spinal cord in the right position so that back or neck pain can be prevented. You should select your mattress according to your body type which will give you comfort while you are resting or sleeping.

Why is Right Mattress Selection Important?

This had been the most neglected yet most important subject related to household items of furniture, Decades ago the mattresses would be selected based on upholstery or looks or just by temporary comfort in the shops before buying, but with due respect of time as things evolved the understanding and importance of the science behind mattresses also became clear. Beds are the place where a person stays idle the most and where the body rejuvenates with the stress & fatigue it has endured, and the rate of recovering from both comes from the comfort of a bed, especially the mattress.

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Since a house has a fixed carpet area so a careful selection of the inside furniture is equally important especially when there has to be no compromise in other aspects In a bedroom the majority of the space goes into the Bed area and if not carefully planned then either there is a compromise with the bed size of the free movable space else wise.

Difference Between Twin XL or Twin Bed.

For Children’s bedrooms, the Twin Size bedroom is more than enough as they occupy less space and are apt for children as well. The problem is with the Guest Bedroom or Parents’ bedroom wherein the walking space has to be free and the bed has to be comfortably big, to fit in this aspect we have the option of Twin XL or Twin Bed Size. Though on a rough scale Twin XL is just 5 inches lengthier than the Twin Bed size this creates a significant difference in character as well as usability of both depicted below which will help choosing between twin vs twin XL Mattresses.

Dimensional Difference

The Twin Size mattress is 75 inches x 38 inches whereas the Twin XL mattress is 80 inches x 38 inches. As stated above Twin XL is 5-inch extra lengthwise comparatively

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Comfort- Both the Twin & Twin XL mattresses are common on the comfort index. Twin size is apt for children and Twin XL for Grownup adults. The Extra 5 Inch provides better coverage to the person sleeping. Selecting a Twin XL instead of Twin Size is beneficial for long usage and better compatibility for Children, Teenagers, or Adults.

Twin Bed compared with Twin XL, the latter has extra foot space.

Pricing- Twin Size is comparatively affordable than Twin XL and is easily available and movable as well. Twin XL gets a little pricier and difficult when mobility is a concern.

Who wins, Twin or Twin XL?

For a Longer bet Twin XL is a better choice as there would not be a requirement to change the Mattress after 4-5 years if used as kids grow.

Sleeping Postures

There are numerous sleeping positions which differ from person to person. Your sleeping positions have a lot to do with your health. There are certain positions which might not be good for your health, therefore, it is important that you should practice sleeping in the right position.

Sleeping positions also help in overcoming various sleeping disorders, it helps in the diagnosis of any kind of issues related to your sleeping habits.

You should also know about the most common sleeping positions. They are explained below in brief.

Sleeping on Your Stomach: People who sleep on their stomach should avoid this habit. Generally, this type is not recommended as a safe position for sleeping. There are certain disadvantages of sleeping in this position, such as if it can put a strain on your back and neck which can lead to severe pain and nerve issues.

Sleeping on Your Back: It is said that this position is also known as supine position, as the supine position is one of the most common positions to sleep because it helps the spine to be in a relaxed position, which will prevent the person from any kind of severe back or neck injury. While sleeping on your back it is very important to choose the right pillow under your neck because it prevents any kind of discomfort and stress on the lower back.

Sleeping on the Side: Generally, this position is known as the lateral sleeping position, this position is considered to be one of the best position for sleeping for those who want to overcome the habit of snoring and OSA symptoms, the lateral position is the most suitable position for sleeping as it is highly recommended by the physicians and sleep specialists because of its number of benefits as it prevents you from deep breathing.

The Fetal Position: When side sleeping in a curled manner this position is known as sleeping in the fetal position, it is considered as one of the most common positions for sleeping, especially for pregnant women because it regulates better circulation for both mother and fetus.


If you do not choose the right position for sleeping and a correct mattress it can cause severe back, shoulder, or neck pain, therefore to experience great comfort while sleeping it is very important to select a good mattress as well because it plays a vital role in getting quality sleep helps to get rid of with the habit of snoring or sleep Apnea and supports your spine so that any kind of back injury can be prevented.

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