Types of Courier Bag Materials

According to the materials utilized, courier bags, such as Nzpost bags, can be roughly split into plastic courier packing bags, courier bubble bags, paper carrier paper bags, courier sealed bags, and so on.

  • The product of plastic courier packing bags

PE or Polyethylene can be divided into LDPE or low-density polyethylene, HDPE or high-density polyethylene, with low cost, lightweight as well as various other benefits.

Difference between LDPE as well as HDPE plastic carrier packaging bags: LDPE has great brightness, soft contrast, as well as print color contrast; HDPE has fairly outstanding mechanical properties.

  • The product of paper courier file bags

Usually with a grey history whiteboard paper, kraft paper, or white cardboard. The courier market generally utilizes 200 g/m² to 450 g/m² weight of paper, and courier document bags with flat, upright attributes.

  • The product of courier bubble packages, or composite bubble bags

A soft, transparent packaging bag filled using air from the central layer of the air padding movie is mainly utilized in the product packaging of tiny volumes of delicate, quickly damaged items in the courier market. Courier bubble bag with shock-absorbing bubble movie, bubble movie with several small bubbles, so the body is light, versatile, with exceptional shock absorption, effect resistance, as well as non-toxic, tasteless, rust resistance, moisture, as well as various other advantages.

  • The product of courier secured bags

The sealed bag, made from LDPE or polyethylene, as well as LLDPE or high-pressure straight polyethylene with blown movie molding, hot-cut machine-made bags, is a plastic bag that can be secured repetitively, which can be utilized for packaging various small products. Secured bags constructed from food-grade materials can save all types of tiny food, fish, tea, shellfish, and so on, moisture-proof, insect-proof, water-proof, and can prevent points from being scattered.

  • Courier product packaging bags decrease delivery prices

The arrival of dimensional weight delivery charges has changed how your shipping costs are figured out. DIM weight takes the width, length, and elevation of a package and produces an approximated weight it should bring. You’ll then be billed for whichever is higher: the dimensional weight of the plan or its real weight.

That makes picking the appropriate delivery container essential. If you utilize large packaging on a small product, you’re most likely to take a financial hit. That’s why courier product packaging bags are such a cost-efficient alternative to boxes.

They occupy less room, their volumetric impact is smaller, and make you less likely to deliver hefty or big things in them. As a result of this, they often tend to not set off the dimensional weight charges that boxes are able to. The benefits of these only maintain accumulating.

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