Types of Grease Guns Popular in Kenya

A grease gun is used in lubrication. It is commonly found in workshops such as garages. It uses pressure to apply a lubricant through a small aperture. There are different types of grease guns, depending on how each one of them delivers pressure. The following are the types of grease guns;

Manual Grease Guns

As the name suggests, they are manual versions. They are portable and the most common type of grease gun. The device’s use is applicable in any locality anywhere since you can carry it wherever you want. This grease gun needs manual labor to be pre-pumped before it builds up pressure for applying the lubricant. They are effortless to use as one does not require any skills to operate them. Anyone can use it as long as one can push the piston handle. These manual grease guns are very effective depending on the needs of the one operating them. They usually have A trigger that allows the user to control the amount of pressure and the speed at which the lubricant will come out. It is the most economical grease gun to use because it is cheap.

Electric-Powered Grease Guns

They usually use an electric motor to build up pressure that applies lubricant. Therefore, the devicerequires electric power for them to function. This factor greatly influences grease gun price in Kenya. They are more effective than manual grease guns because they can build up a more significant pressure that can drive a lubricant through a small and clogged aperture. Thus, electric-powered grease guns save time and energy when a lot of pressure is required to apply oil. They are also operated using a rechargeable battery for portability.

When using this grease gun, the power should be put off when inserting the battery pack to prevent the lubricant from coming out when installing it.

Pneumatic Grease Guns

They use air compressor machines to build up pressure. The compressed air drives out a piston which in turn forces lubricant out. They are ideal for use in factory machines and even vehicles connected to air brake compressors. They are very effective like the electric-powered grease guns, because they provide a very high pressure when applying lubricants.

To use it effectively in applying lubrication, one has to go through some form of training. The training will help the operator gain knowledge and skills on the physical application of lubricant and the effects in case of misapplication, which include but are not limited to spills and damage to machinery. The operator is trained on parts of the machinery that should be lubricated and the type of grease gun suitable for each part.


The amount of pressure needed to drive a lubricant through an aperture should be considered when choosing the type of a gun to use. Electric grease and pneumatic grease guns can be used where a lot of pressure is needed. In certain cases where slight pressure is required, a manual grease pump can be effective. The grease guns should be kept clean after use.

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