Types of Industries to Be Challenged by Bitcoin Popularity

Bitcoin industry has grown by far since its inception years ago. This growth has led to its acceptance and use both as investment and currency in different states in the world today. Buying bitcoins is easy today keeping in mind there are very many vendors online today. After you find your ideal website, assess it for credibility. Find out if they have licenses that are legit before you pay for any Bitcoin trader or bitcoins today. Reading reviews can furthermore be of assistance as it shows whether the services can be relied upon. As bitcoin grows, various industries could feel the impact in terms of operations and profits from their businesses. The following are some of the industries which can be influenced by the growth of block chain industries today.

Banking world

Bankers have for a very long term been intermediaries in the transactions between two or more parties. Every business targets profit making, expect many banking institutions to charge a hefty fee on the money being transacted. You may therefore end up suffering from the same fees by spending more than you should, bitcoin payments are however different. They eliminate the bank (third party) from the equation and encourage peer to peer transactions. This results into cheap, fast and reliable services. Tracking down transactions is also easy because the block chain system cannot be manipulated to alter transaction details. In case of crime, the wallet IDs can be investigated along with the recorded transactions to ensure justice is served.

Cyber fraud and security

One of the key attributes of block chain system is their decentralization. This makes them the best option for use in areas that demand solid security. Through the peer to peer transactions, the information will be recorded automatically without any other parties having to be involved in the details. Solid systems like block chain can be instrumental in aiding you maintain the purity of the stored data. All data is encrypted in cryptographic algorithms that eradicate the possibility of accessing stored data at any point through dubious means.

Supply chain controlling

Relying on traditional resources like staff for auditing can go sideways because people can easily be corrupted. By using bitcoins, people will have to get used to the block chain idea where all crypto currency transactions and investments are stored. Through such systems, you will realize increased transparency in the supply chain where manufacturers when assessing their block chain ledgers can know all the transactions made until the commodity reached the consumer. This prevents chances of corruption of data for instance manipulating receipts or so. Inducting the technique to your online operations can be what the supply chain systems require to increase not just authenticity but also security of transaction details for auditing purposes.

The health industry

The healthcare section is also one of the many industries that can benefit greatly from use of bitcoin and block chain systems. The first merits they enjoy are assuring consumers of quality products for instance medication. Discerning fake medication from real ones when buying from local pharmacies is not easy. Since every bitcoin transaction is saved in the block chain system, you can trace the medicine to its source by just referring to the records. Storing of data is also taken seriously by block chain systems so expect zero manipulation of patient records. Accessing the patients’ files is besides easier because everything is stored online; all you have to do is use the wallet ID of the patient to check their records in just but a few seconds.


Government can easily tax bitcoins and other forms of Cryptocurrency through the block chain technologies. The records of all transactions are stored on the block chain system and that makes it easy for the transactions to be tracked. Voting systems can also use the block chain technology to increase transparency in the system. Every voter ID can only vote once and the information are then permanently retained in the system. The security of block chain technology prevents hackers and other cyber criminals from hacking and manipulating the stored information. This is a system which works well than the traditional voting systems where counting of the votes was trusted to the local authorities.

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