Types of Internet Marketing Research

Marketing describes the act by which an organization undertakes in order to engage its consumer base, develop strong customer ties to generate increased value for that value to be converted into cash, and acquire new customers. With the growth of online commerce, marketing has become an inevitable activity for all types of organizations. The traditional forms of marketing like advertising have been replaced by online marketing as it is more effective in reaching a larger audience. Marketing involves the use of various media such as print, electronic media, and websites. Print media normally includes brochures, catalogues, booklets and free flyer templates to advertise an organization. Electronic media includes email, instant messaging, search engine marketing, and web banners.

Social Marketing

There are various marketing concepts and several marketing management approaches which are used to enhance the performance of an organization. Social marketing refers to advertising and marketing that incorporate aspects of community building. These concepts are aimed at the aspect of enhancing customer loyalty and selling capacity. One way to do this online is to use services such as SocialWick to help popularize content that is available online.  Consumer marketing helps in selling products and services to end users through various modes. These include electronic and conventional methods.

Transactional Marketing

This concept concentrates on developing a long term relationship between seller and buyer. In this concept, the buyer-seller relation plays an important role. In order to sell a product or service successfully, marketing management starts with identification of potential consumers, development of sales campaigns, marketing, and after sales management.

What Is Marketing Myopia?

Marketing myopia refers to a limited view towards selling. The sales techniques employed become irrelevant to the target market. Consumers’ needs change rapidly and hence, the marketing concept has to keep pace. This is because new markets are constantly being opened and closed.

Keyword Marketing

It is believed that many internet users make purchases online relying on the search engine results. Keyword marketing is a very effective means to promote your product because it provides instant visibility to your product. Many marketers are of the opinion that the key to success is to have the most relevant keywords and phrases on the first page of Google.

In addition, marketing myopia affects the choice of keywords used in advertisements. Some internet users are so impatient that they click on ads based on the first advertisement that comes on the screen. They fail to register for future advertisements or do not subscribe to any mailing list. This is not a good marketing concept as it does not help in building customer loyalty. It also costs a lot of money for marketers who depend on search engine results alone to reach out to consumers.

Email Is Still Popular

Another concept gaining popularity is email marketing. The primary objective of email marketing is to build a relationship with consumers by offering them free information or newsletters. However, the marketers have to ensure that they are sending out quality newsletters. The concept of marketing research can be used to find out what your consumers really want. It helps you in making better advertisements by evaluating what your consumers want.

Why You Need Research 

Internet marketing research provides details on demand, competition, pricing, and purchasing choices. By gathering this information, marketers are able to make wiser marketing decisions. Marketing research is crucial to establish a niche for yourself and to expand your business. With this, you will be able to successfully sell your products and services to your target market.

Different Online Marketing Strategies 

Online marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), social media, content publishing, and viral marketing. These four marketing concepts help marketers in achieving their goals. By combining these four marketing strategies, marketers can easily establish a strong presence on the web that can attract a large number of consumers from all walks of life.

In relationship marketing, marketers try to create a positive relationship with their consumers by providing them value for their time and money. In this concept, the marketers attempt to understand their consumers’ needs. They conduct focus groups to understand consumer behavior. Then they devise ways to support their identified needs. After developing a concrete plan, they launch campaigns according to their plans. Keyword marketing refers to using keywords in a site to attract more consumers.

Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, marketers engage in conversation with influential people in their target market. These people have influence over their audience. Marketers then use these individuals’ expertise to drive traffic to their websites. Both online and offline marketing activities form an important part of Internet marketing research.

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