Ultrapower Games: Top 3 picks to check out!

Ultrapower Games casino is one of the best online gambling platforms with a comprehensive game catalog! 

Once you register on this unique platform, you gain access to various gambling games from different genres. There are video and classic real money slots, fish table games, roulette, etc. So, whatever your preferred genre is, you are guaranteed to find the title to suit your taste.

To help you kick-start your gambling, there are the top 3 game reviews from Ultrapower Games. Read them, choose your favorite, and start gambling right away!


If you are into fish tables, there’s a fascinating game you must know about. Its name is HaiDiLao, and it takes you to the bottom of the ocean, full of unique underwater creatures. 

Once you enter the game, you will see a dark blue watery interface. There are two cannons on the bottom of the screen, allowing you to shoot in any direction. You can choose various weapons with different bullets to kill the fish with the best prize.

The game offers different rooms for different levels of players. It means that if you’re a newbie, you won’t play with experienced players. That allows you to be on the same level as other players in your room and gives you the same winning opportunity as everyone else.

Besides, in lower levels, the betting range is low. So, you won’t risk your budget on high stakes

Big Shot

If you want to look into the luxurious lifestyle you seek to get, you just play the Big Shot slot. This is a unique 5-reel slot game with a Hollywood theme and many unique features.

When spinning the reels, you get to enjoy wild, scatter, and multiplier icons. Moreover, you can trigger free spins bonus anytime and allow yourself to win cash during free playing. 

Besides all that, the Big Shot slot has a progressive jackpot feature. It means that you can trigger a massive, life-changing bonus anytime and become a big shot in a single spin.

The game’s RTP is 95%. It has 20 paylines, and the betting range per line varies from 0.01 to 5 coins. So, if you are a newbie or experienced player aiming for the jackpot, you will enjoy unique gameplay! 

Buffalo Thunder

Are you ready to face American wildlife and gather various awards while enjoying the view? If so, here is the game you most definitely enjoy. 

The Buffalo Thunder slot is inspired by the American buffalo – one of the most incredible animals in nature. When entering the game, you are going to see different-colored buffalos roaming around your screen. And what’s even more impressive is that even the filler poker symbols are made according to the theme. 

Except for a fascinating interior, cutting-edge graphics, and an authentic theme, the Buffalo slot machine’s bonus features will blow your mind. There you will come across free spins and stacked wilds. 

Besides that, the slot’s unique features include Wild Thundering buffalo and Scattered totem buffalo.

So, whatever your preferred game genre is, you will find your favorite game title on the platform. Just register, enter any game you like and enjoy the top-notch quality graphics and unique features on Ultrapower games casino.

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