Understanding Buttock Augmentation Vs. Butt Lift – What Do You Need?

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that changes the shape and size of the buttocks to make them look better. Today, people care a lot about their buttocks look, and many think their buttocks could be more attractive. Because of high demand for augmentation, there are now many ways to improve the buttocks’ size and shape as well as contour and hardness.

The term Brazilian Butt Lift is well-known when it comes to buttock augmentation. However, the procedure is tailored to each patient’s needs by best plastic surgeon in Mumbai and aims to give stunning results for natural-look. Lifting the buttocks and making them look better are two different things. Most people who ask for a Brazilian Butt Lift want fat grafting in their buttocks. This is why they often use the word “lift” using one or both of these methods may be necessary to get the desired result.

How Will Your Plastic Surgeon Lift and Augment Your Butt?

Your Surgeon can give you a buttock augmentation with either a fat transfer or buttock implants. Fat transfer is a growingly popular procedure that uses the patient’s fat to fill out the buttocks in a way that looks natural.

Butt implants are silicone devices put in the buttock area to make a big difference in size. Fat transfer is the most common way to make buttocks bigger in India, just like in Brazil, where the surgery originated.

The buttock lift is an extensive surgery to remove the love handles above the buttocks. As extra fat and skin are cut away and tightened, pulling up the buttocks improves their appearance. Most of the time, the buttocks aren’t made bigger as part of a natural butt lift. When a person has lost weight, the Surgeon can do a buttock lift and a buttock flap together to add more volume. The flank tissues are moved into the deflated buttock in this method.

Consultation on the Butt Lift in Mumbai

Dr Siddharth Prakash, is one of the best plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, India. He is currently working at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital.

First, you’ll tell him what you want to achieve from your procedure. Then, he’ll help you narrow down your goals and develop a treatment plan that fits your needs, whether that’s a butt augmentation, a butt lift, or a combination of the two. He will also help you figure out if you are a good candidate for the procedure, answer any questions, and give you helpful information about each process you are thinking about.

Procedure for Buttock Augmentation and Lift

Buttock augmentation starts with the simple removal of fat from donor areas.  Patients benefit from fat removal and donor region reshaping. “Love handles,” stomach, and thighs are common donor areas. After removing the fat, it is prepared for injection. The fat is then injected using small cannulas (tubes). Future improvements and volume may need repeating the procedure. For buttock lift surgery, the surgeon makes wider incisions in the love handle region. Next, extra skin that makes the buttocks seem droopy and dimpled is removed, and the remaining skin is pulled up for a raised, contoured look. Buttock augmentation and lift are two independent operations. however, they’re commonly combined.


Buttock lift surgery requires more extensive incisions and a longer recovery time than buttock augmentation. Patients might experience temporary buttock discomfort, bruising, and swelling in the treated locations. However, final findings will take a few months, though patients could expect to see results sooner.

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