UPI Payments for Safe and Easy Mobile Online Recharges

Nearly 900 million people use mobile phones, out of which 700 million use smartphones in India. Over 50% of them recharge online, thanks to the lockdown during the pandemic.  Experts expect over 2.1 billion connected devices by 2023, a steep rise from the 1.5 billion in 2018.  Hence, online recharges are also to increase in the coming years, and with 5G to come soon, it will be rapid. Hence, to make online recharge easy, the RBI introduced the UPI in 2016.  There are many mobile apps that facilitate easy and seamless online payment. Check out the many ways UPI pay has helped Indians pay safely and efficiently.

Ubiquitous UPI pay for mobile online recharge

In this digital era where online payments are the order of the day, RBI brought in the UPI or unified payment interface in 2016.  It enabled even those not well-versed in digital payments to recharge their mobile phones online, quickly.  It is enough for users to key in their mobile number & other details. Moreover, it reduced the tension of knowing and keying in the IFSC code of the bank branch and other details, which were tedious and challenging for many Indians.  And with the safety net of the government, the UPI app plays a vital role in the increase of mobile online recharge in India.

Fast online recharge in India

Choosing the right UPI app is the first step towards safe and fast digital payment and mobilerecharge. There are numerous benefits of using smart payment apps for making apps because of its many benefits of convenience, safety, and fast online recharges and offers many cashback, discounts, and others. Besides, online recharging is so very smooth and convenient when you are using a payment app.

Online recharge from the best payment apps

Are you a subscriber of Idea Cellular? Idea cellular is the flagship communication company of the renowned multinational corporation Aditya Birla Group. In 2017 it merged with Vodafone, one of the world’s top telecommunication companies, to extend its online recharge to over 200 million subscribers in 22 telecom circles in most Indian states. Idea recharge using a UPI app offers many incredible online recharge prepaid plans from Rs. 3 to 10,000 with exciting benefits that include:

  • It is easy for online recharge of even laypersons in remote areas to just key in the mobile number to get all the latest plans to the fingertips.
  • Apart from the many plans at the simple, convenient online recharge, anytime, it also offers the text balance, call balance, top-ups, and affordable 2G and 3G services.
  • Provides an exhaustive list of all the options, including the local and STD minutes to internet services with keying of the mobile number
  • Since it uses the most advanced safety features for secure transactions to safeguard the hard-earned money from not being misused by the fraudsters
  • Speeds up the online recharge by safely saving the card details, pre-filling the credit into the FreeCharge account for fast future transactions
  • The widespread services in 22 telecom services with nationwide coverage of over 400,000 towns and villages
  • Offers the best business solutions to enterprises that include connectivity, location, and voice services

Hence Idea recharge is the best with prepaid plans from Rs. 3 for top-up to Rs. 10,000 for safe, cost-effective, easy, and fast online recharge. The ideal thing is to use an online payment app, reliable and credible for fast and safe payment. There are many such apps in the virtual gamut, so be sure to find the right one before using it.

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