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While relocating your house or office to a new place is exciting, the process itself is often a huge stress for homeowners or companies. Finding and dealing with a reliable Moving company takes time, not to mention the arising problems such as packing, unloading, or assembling furniture. The amount of work is truly overwhelming. Your possessions and belongings need to be delivered to their new destination safely, securely, and at the time expected. UrMove provides services to help you accomplish all mentioned tasks and give you the most comfortable and hassle-free moving experience.

What is UrMove?

UrMove is an FMCSA-licensed platform that provides professional and convenient home and office moving around the US. Basically, UrMove links the best small and medium movers in your locality. The software provides users with the simplest and fastest solution to book moving services in just a few minutes. As an intermediary, the platform arranges every demand option, estimates costs, and provides the necessary information. Customer service also assists in resolving complaints to make your delivery process as convenient and seamless as possible.

How does UrMove work?

UrMove develops a network of service providers in the living areas around 25 states. Like a Market place, local moving units are listed with full information about their location, the types of services, and the rating. Services offered are diverse depending on the specialization each mover provides. They can be:

  • Dismantling and packing service: Furniture or big heavy household appliances will be dismantled into parts for easy movement and wrapped to prevent scratches or dirt. Small belongings are packed and sorted into packages or boxes of a suitable size. Both labor and packaging equipment are included.
  • Transportation service: providing trucks with sizes and tonnages suitable for the amount of furniture to be transported and delivered to the point of destination.
  • Loading and unloading service: handymen load things onto trucks and carry all items from trucks into new apartments or offices.
  • Furniture assembling service and arrangement: The furniture and appliances are reassembled as they were and arranged in the designated room or location.
  • Full-Service Package: offer all services from wrapping, stuffing, moving, assembling, and other tasks
  • Extra services like planning and budget

Users can choose individual packages from different units or pick a full-service package that takes care of all the steps from start to finish. Companies on the UrMove platform are registered and licensed, thus ensuring excellent customer service and great security for your belongings.

Why you should choose UrMove?

UrMove is a unique and thorough platform that allows users to carry out supposedly expensive and labor-intensive home and office moves most economically and comfortably.

Many factors make UrMove the most reliable software for local relocating.

  • Quality Guaranteed: All carriers are registered and licensed. The profile of the units is transparent and competitive with the rating factor. This encourages all companies to strive to provide a great customer experience.
  • Diversity: This platform has the cooperation of 68 experienced and professional units in localities of more than 500 cities, and 25 states across the United States. There are many service options to choose from: ordinary apartment moving, fast moving service, professional movers, nearest movers, affordable movers, and so on.
  • Quick and easy process: Often, you need to spend time scrolling through contacts, asking friends and relatives, and exchanging hundreds of phone calls without being sure that you can arrange the necessary service. With UrMove, you only need to visit the website. Within minutes, you can relax at your new home or office, waiting for your belongings to be delivered safely and in one piece. 
  • Price: Service costs are listed by companies transparently and according to market prices. The software returns estimates almost instantly when customers enter their requirements, t. You know exactly how much you need to prepare and tailor the plan to best fit your budget.
  • Customer Support: Users who have questions or any concerns related to the experience or movers can contact the Support Team via Telegram or email. The UrMove platform offers 24/7 customer care ensuring that your requests or problems are resolved as quickly as possible. 

The service booking process with UrMove

It’s not a fantasy, arranging for your home or office move on this platform is really quick, and can be completed within 5 minutes. The designed interface is simple, optimizing your searches. You can book the service by following these steps:

  • Visit the official UrMove website.
  • Choose a place: Right at the top of the page, you can find a map and a search bar. Enter the name of the city where you want to move. Or you can choose your starting city from the list of cities below. The navigation bar will take you to a new window with a category of service providers in your area.
  • Select movers: Here you can see the movers’ names, rating scores, and fixed prices. Clicking on the profile for the mover’s specific information like license number, services provided, service areas, working hours worked, reviews from past users, and possibly, special discounts. Take a few minutes to browse, compare and choose the one you find most suitable or trustworthy.
  • Select a date: Select the date you want to move. Of course, you don’t want to wait for the company to come without a trace or cause any confusion for the supplier, so make sure you choose the exact day and date you planned.
  • Choose the number of rooms: An option for the number of rooms allows you to choose to have an estimated quote.
  • Check-out: In this step, you fill in your contact information, shipping address, and destination. Upload a picture of all the furniture you need to move and note the mover. You can also choose additional services if the provider has them.
  • Deposit: To proceed with the order, you need to have a deposit that will be deducted from the payment later.

Confirmation: You will receive a service request confirmation to the email you provided.

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