Use Careprost Eye Drops: The 2021 Best Serum for Eyelash Growth

The Careprost serum is intended for those who want thicker and longer hair follicles. The effects of what contains in the solution will make your eyelashes healthier and provide nutrition and moisturize them while also making them longer. 

The effects of using the Careprost eye drops will take some time to notice Each bottle of the solution will contain 3 ml of the liquid that should be enough for sustaining three to four months of treatment depending on how much you are using. 

Containing the generic Bimatoprost salt this prostaglandin analog-type eye serum solution is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 

The use of the Careprost solution will thicken the eyelashes and induce eyelash growth. 

What is contained in the Careprost eye serum?

The ingredients with the Careprost solution include all the substances that fuel the growth of eyelashes making them stronger while also providing nutrition to them. 

The basic generic ingredient within the eye solution is the salt Bimatoprost. Apart from this it also contains some small amounts of carnitine, D-panthenol, Allantoin acid, and some antioxidants. 

There are some trace amounts of synthetic substances as well that ensures the longevity of the solution and prevents bacteria growth. 

How to apply the Careprost eye solution for the best eyelash growth?

You can make use of the brush that is within the packet. Use it to gently dip it into the Careprost eye drop solution and then gently scrub it over the top of your eyelashes. 

In general, you should ensure that you wash your eyes with clean water before applying the eye drops.

For those who are using contact lenses one has to apply the solution at least five to ten minutes after carefully removing them. Don’t put them back on as the liquid might make the contact lenses opaque. Wait for at least 15-20 minutes before you put back your contact lenses. 

The best time for applying the generic Bimatoprost eye drops is during the night when you are about to sleep. For application nicely roll on the eye brush from the inside hair follicle line to the outside.  

What safety instructions have to be complied with while applying the Careprost eye drops?

The Careprost eye solution is meant for eyelash and hair follicle growth. But someone who is allergic to the generic substance Bimatoprost might see some side effects of using this eye serum. 

If you notice that you are facing side effects such as itching, swelling, or redness of the eyes then stop using the solution and consult once with the doctor. 

One should also read about the safety instructions and directions for usage as mentioned on the outer cover of the medicine. 

It is best avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding females as this might have a negative health impact on your infant. 

Those who are using other eye drops should also consult the doctor regarding the safety parameters. 

The external use medication is better to be avoided by those patients who have or are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy.  

What are the added benefits apart from the longer and healthier eyelashes for using Careprost drops?

As you know by now that if you want denser hair follicles and stronger healthier eyelashes you need to use the Careprost solution. 

But there are some other uses of this generic Bimatoprost eye solution. 

This includes-

Use for curing ocular hypertension

The use of Careprost eye drops is done to relieve the patients from ocular hypertension. Using this solution will reduce the excess eye fluid and increase the flow of the ocular fluid mixing it with the bloodstream. 

Glaucoma is the name of the disorder that is commonly caused due to prolonged increased ocular hypertension. Remember that excess use of the solution can have far negative effects that can be extremely detrimental such as complete loss of eyesight.  

How long before you will see some improvements?

Consult the doctor if you wish to use the Careprost eye solution for increasing eye follicle density and making eyelashes stronger or if you want to use it for ocular hypertension or glaucoma. 

One has to also know about the frequency of application. It is generally intended for use daily once, twice, or thrice a day. 

The effects of this prostaglandin analog eye serum can take some time to be visually seen. It has to be used for at least two to three weeks before you start noticing the subtle changes. 

Over the long course of use, one can see stronger and healthier eyelashes and highly increased hair follicle growth.  

What should you do for missed doses?

For any missed dose of application of the Careprost solution apply it on your eyes keeping some time gap for the next dose. Do not double the dose of Careprost solution on your eyes as this will make you vulnerable to the side effects. 

Can there be any side effects of using the Careprost drops?

Yes, there can be some side effects that you should be concerned about. These include-

  • Eye redness
  • Eye swelling
  • Conjunctival hyperemia
  • Itching
  • Allergies
  • Blurred vision

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