Useful Properties of Carpets

Practicality or beauty?

Fashion is fickle and often questions the usefulness of certain interior decorative elements. The questions of our buyers confirm this tendency in relation to carpets, although they are not only beautiful but also functional, which corresponds to the modern desire for maximum practicality. And further we will tell you about 5 properties of the carpet, after which you are unlikely to want to get rid of it.

We warn you in advance that any carpet requires regular maintenance, and in order to ensure that it always looks like new and retains all its properties, we recommend you a cleaning company that provides professional carpet cleaning –

Accent and unification of interior elements

The beauty of a rug is also a demonstration of its functionality, because the right design allows you to combine the interior composition into a whole. Background or accent – the role of a rug product may vary depending on the style of the room and the rug itself. And don’t be afraid to experiment – even the boldest design can be appropriate if its color, pattern and pile height are supported by other elements of the interior. And the combination of different rugs will allow you to divide the room into several zones if necessary.

Protect your flooring

No matter how much manufacturers praise their products, any flooring loses its appeal over time. But you can extend its life with a rug, since replacing it is not only less time-consuming and less costly, but it also allows you to update your interior style.

Disguising and concealing flaws

But what if your floor already has flaws? A rug can hide them! A nice bonus in this case is the cozy atmosphere created by the fact of having such an interior decoration.

Comfort and heat preservation

If your house has a cold floor, then carpets are a must! The best for keeping warm are medium- and long-necked options of wool or synthetic material similar to it (polypropylene, acrylic). And that’s not to mention the fact that the pile of such a product is incredibly pleasant to the touch, which makes it the coziest element of the decor.


The longer the pile and, accordingly, the thicker the rug, the better it absorbs noise. Of course, the problem of sound insulation can be solved by replacing the flooring, but buying a new carpet is much cheaper. So, if your downstairs neighbors are unhappy with your every move, a carpet on the living room floor can come in handy.

The properties described above are true for all rugs, regardless of the material they are made of. And depending on what you choose, you can expect pleasant surprises like an effect on the microclimate of the room, or even therapeutic properties. So, the functionality of carpets definitely do not occupy.

Health benefits of carpets

When we talk about carpeting and its impact on health, most often we hear the opinion that these floor coverings are harmful. They are thought to be a breeding ground for dust mites, causing allergies and chronic rhinitis. Yes, it is possible, especially when using woolen carpets, but only with improper care and with an individual predisposition.

Few people talk about the health benefits of carpets. So what are these benefits:

  • Walking on a warm rug is much healthier than walking on a cold floor during the cold season and with inadequate heating;
  • Walking barefoot on the carpet is a kind of feet massage, and if it has a long pile, then its contact with your feet gives a lot of pleasant emotions, raises your spirits;
  • Buying a floor product from natural materials or handmade, you can count on the fact that it will fill the room with its special energy for many years.

In the category of health benefits can include the fact that high-quality modern carpet with bright elements of the pattern will certainly cheer up and delight the eye.

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