Using Door Counters in Hospital Operating Rooms

Door counters are used in the operating rooms of hospitals, as it allows to calculate the number of people entering during a procedure. Door counters play a vital role in collecting and storing all data types that need to be analyzed. For example, door counters are used to get a detailed idea of when & ​​who is entering the operating room, and in some cases, they can be used to count the number of door openings via a tiny magnetic sensor mounted to the door and door frame.

What should a positive pressure system look like for operating rooms?

  • Since the hospital admits patients with various diseases, many diseases spread from one person to another through which an infection can be created. Many other causes can lead to the infection of any disease. Patients can be infected by anyone entering the operating room uncontrollably and irregularly. The use of door counters for an operating room can prevent unwanted people from entering the operating room, making it possible to control the infection.
  • Door counters make it possible to create a positive pressure system in the operating rooms, through which air cannot enter the rooms. If it does, innumerable disease germs can enter that are extremely harmful to a patient.
  • Doctors take appropriate measures when approaching patients and take all possible measures to prevent infection. But when an average person enters the operating room, there is a possibility of infection through him. The use of door counters in the hospital’s operating rooms makes it possible to collect all the data related to the entry and use of unwanted people. It is possible to prevent infections and ensure the health of the patients.

Why should a hospital operating room use a door counter?

  • If you want to keep the positive pressure system of the hospital’s operating room always positive, the doors should be opened a minimum number of times. Only in this way is it possible to keep the internal pressure system of the room positive; the door counters play a leading role in its implementation.
  • The door opening frequency in the operating room should always be low; if you want to control infection, you must know everything about the activity and sense of the door. These can be collected through the door counter, and you can quickly get baseline readings of these door openings.
  • The door counter can keep track of the door open of the operating room based on all types of activities. Through which everyone’s access can be blocked, and necessary information can be collected.
  • We are not all aware of the difference between an operating room and a surgical room, but the need for a door counter is immense in both cases. Since patients are treated in the operating and surgical room, it is very important to take appropriate measures in the environment, stop the movement of people, and save the data through the room counter so that appropriate measures can be taken.


It is the job of the hospital authorities to keep the patients safe in the hospital from various infections and ensure their health protection. So the hospital authorities are ready to take all necessary measures to ensure their health protection, but that is only possible when all the information can be stored properly. Door counters can monitor people’s presence, behavior, and other matters and store data. As a result, it is possible to ensure the health protection of patients by taking appropriate measures with its help.