Using Modern Rugs to Accent Your Living Room

If you have decided that your living room needs a makeover but do not have the money to purchase all new furniture, adding a different color to the walls and modern  rugs in NZ Melbourne can give the room a whole new look.  And it is not an expensive way to do this.  There are many different designs, materials, patterns, and colors to choose from so take the time to look at your living room and decide on the look you want before shopping for a new modern rug.

One type of rug is the graphic rug.  Generally, art goes on the way but now you can put a graphic artsy room on the floor.  Now you have the striking lines of your art piece on the floor.  This type of rug fill gives your room a gallery-like feel.  With this type of rug, you have choices from geometric patterns to sweeping abstract strokes.  When you visit rug shops Melbourne, be sure to check out their graphic rug section.

There is also the shag rug, which looks messy and textural but beautiful.  There are many different textures, colors, and patterns to choose from with this type of rug.  They will add endless beauty to your room.  One thing that makes these modern rugs Melbourne so unique is their comfortable, soft nature.  You can get them in fur, polypropylene, leather, polyester, faux, leather, and acrylic.  Because of their softness, it is also a great rug for your children’s room.

A bohemian-style rug, also known as a boho rug, is a type of modern rug that is full of busy artistic patterns.  They express a wanderlust vibe with their global-inspired designs.  You can layer this type of rug with mixed styles to give your rug a romantic, playful

If you want to add sophistication to your room, get a striped rug that has broken stripes.  These types of stripes do not match up perfectly, so it gives the rug an unusual look yet looks cool on the floor.  Another way to change up your living room is to choose a certain color.  For example, if you chose a blue rug, you could create the vine of a blue sea.

Another type of rug you can find in rug shops Melbourne is a grey pattern rug.  Some consider this a neutral color that will go with almost anything.  With some grey pattern rugs, there is a subtle mix of gold and grey.  The gold in the rug will add glamour to your room while the grey can give the room a dramatic look.

For some, this would be a type of modern rug that they would not consider for their living room.  That is a cowhide rug.  They are controversial but high in designs.  They can offer a texture addition to the living room that you cannot duplicate with any other type of modern rug.  There are different hues of white, brown, and black so they will fit in with most décor.

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