Valuable Reasons Why Spending On Organic Ground Beef Is Worth Your Money

Quality is very important when it comes to our diet. We buy organic vegetables, local fruit from the market, and unprocessed foods, but we always try to spend less on meat.

Here are certain valuable reasons why organic ground beef is worth your money.

Here’s Why You Should Add Organic Ground Beef To Your Diet!

  • Contain healthy fats

You will be amazed to know that organic ground beef guards against heart disease, cancer, and diabetes as it has  2-3x more CLA. Moreover, it has Omega-3s in abundance and gives  2-4x more omega-3 and a higher favourable ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats than grain-fed beef.

  • More vitamins

Organic ground cow’s meat has 2x more vitamin E and  7x more beta-carotene than grain-fed. As fresh grasses contain more vitamins than dried hay or vitamins, it is more likely to nourish the cows eating it. 

  • Safe for consuming

Cows are meant to be healthy when they eat the right food, grass. Severe digestive issues and imbalanced bacteria levels are developed in cows that feed on grain, making them an easy target of infections. So, they are given low-dose antibiotics.

A small residue of these antibiotics makes it into the meat eaten by us, and it damages the normal gut bacteria that may make us sick. Hence, organic ground beef is safer to consume.

  • Organic ground beef is more humane

Cows that graze freely in open spaces have a better life. More health problems are found in cows that are kept in confinement; additional antibiotics have to be used because of infections spreading from one cow to another.

Grass-fed cows are given significantly fewer antibiotics as compared to CAFOs because they simply don’t need them.

  • GMO-free and fewer pesticide residues

Soy byproducts and corn are fed to the cattle raised in confinement which is not a good diet for cows. It’s a fact that more than 90% of corn and soy are produced by using pesticides in the US. These pesticides have residues that build up fatty tissues in the body. So it’s clear that organic ground beef contains fewer pesticides residues than conventional beef. 

  • Organic ground beef is easier to digest

Consuming grain-fed beef can cause symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, and other digestive problems in people with food sensitivities to corn and soy. In addition, the antibiotic residues in conventional beef disturb the healthy bacteria levels present in the body. Having organic ground beef will save us from such issues.

  • Better for the environment

We’ve heard how the environment will get destroyed if we eat too much meat. And this is appropriate in the case of commercially raised meat. A heavy input of water, fertilizers, and pesticides is required to grow the grain. It needs to be transported and then shipped again to the farm for processing into the feed. Fossil fuels are required for all this.


Animal waste can create environmental hazards, but grazing animals don’t negatively impact. Grazing animals’ poop is spread over a large area of land where it decomposes naturally. It fertilizes the soil; on the other hand, the animals are raised in confinement when fed unsuitable foods like soy or corn. Their excretion infiltrates the poison rivers, groundwater and fetches antibiotic remnants far away, causing environmental perils.

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