Vanuatu Passport by Investment: An Attractive Offer Not to Miss!

Why get a second passport if you have one and are quite satisfied with it? Well, a far-sighted person always has a Plan B, and another passport is one of its components. The situation in your country may deteriorate at some time in the future, and it would be great to have a safe airfield where you can land at any time. The second thing is the opportunities related to visa-free entry to some countries: for example, a Vanuatu passport will make it possible for you to forget about the need to obtain a visa to enter Schengen states. Sounds interesting? You are welcome to discover the details in this post!

If you want to know more, please visit our portal where you will find the full text of the article that focuses on the details of obtaining citizenship in Vanuatu and a whole section devoted to different citizenship-by-investment programs you can take advantage of. We also have experts who can tell you all you need to know about getting a second passport and answer your questions – the initial session is free of charge! And if you want to delegate all the administrative issues to us and simply get your passport by post, we can do it for you at a reasonable fee.

Reasons to Choose Vanuatu

The procedure is quick and straightforward.

You will not have to travel to the country to obtain citizenship as all the procedures are done online. However, you should keep in mind that the local authorities do not work directly with individuals, which means that you cannot submit the documents to them. You will need to find a reliable licensed immigration agent who will submit the documents and handle your case from the beginning to the end. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry: we know how to help!

The procedure is confidential, but all its stages are transparent for the applicant. You will need to pay a modest processing fee before the documents are submitted. The remaining amount (the non-refundable investment for the citizenship) is only paid after the application has been approved by the local authorities.

You can apply for Vanuatu citizenship alone or include your family members in the application (spouse, children, or parents). A Vanuatu passport will be provided to you within less than two months, which is incredibly quick (Caribbean citizenship is considered to be fast, but it takes three to six months – not to speak about citizenship by naturalization which takes 7 years in the best case).

A strong passport

If you lack traveling mobility, a Vanuatu passport is the answer as it will give you the possibility to visit more than one hundred countries without a visa (in some cases, you may need to get an e-visa or visa-upon-arrival, which is still more convenient than dealing with the embassy). The list of visa-free countries includes the UK, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, EU states, and so on.

A great place to live in

You may decide to relocate at some point in your life due to different reasons, starting from emergency situations when things go wrong in your current country of residence to the case when you simply wish to live in a tropical paradise. A quiet place with organic food is great for travelers tired of urban hustle and bustle, and the diversity of Vanuatu islands is amazing as people speak about a hundred languages! You may decide to move for good or simply have an extended “Vanuatu period” in your life – you are welcome in any case as you are a citizen!

Vanuatu for business

Vanuatu offers really favorable tax conditions for businesses: you will not have to pay much in addition to VAT and customs duties. No corporate or capital gains tax is applicable, and you can also pay zero personal income tax if you decide to become a Vanuatu tax resident (you will need to live in the country for at least 183 days a year).

Vanuatu has done a marvelous job adapting its legal framework to the needs of foreign entrepreneurs, and you can now enjoy the fruits of its labor. This is one of the hubs for offshore business, and it has been preserving its status for at least a decade. It boasts quite a robust banking sector, and there are offices of many international banks here. If you are concerned about banking confidentiality, it is one of the priorities set by the country.

You can invest in the local economy as there are a lot of interesting investment projects here. The price of real property is not very high, and you can even buy a whole island! The tourist sector is growing, and you can get quick returns on investments by renting out your real estate.

Vanuatu Citizenship: Cost

There are two investment options: you can either make a non-refundable donation to the country’s economy or a refundable investment in the state bonds. Let’s look at each opportunity in more detail.

Non-Refundable Donation

The amount you will have to contribute depends on the number of applicants:

  • 130,000 US dollars if you apply alone
  • 150,000 US dollars if you include your spouse in the application
  • 165,000 US dollars for a family with 1 child
  • 180,000 US dollars for a family with 2 children
  • 000 US dollars per each next dependent you add to the application

State Bonds

This is a great opportunity as it is currently the most affordable offer in the market! The securities are denominated in Australian dollars, and you are required to invest the amount from AUD 150,000 to AUD 180,000. It means that you can quickly get a second passport for less than USD 100,000, which is incredible! The AUD to USD exchange rate may vary, of course, but it seems like an offer not to miss anyway. You’d better hurry, though, as the number of bonds is limited and nobody knows whether to expect a second issue.


Interested in Vanuatu citizenship? Please follow the above link to get more information – or get in touch with our expert for a free session. If you doubt whether Vanuatu is the right option for you, contact us anyway, and we will help you with the choice. Make the first step to more safety in your life today!