Virtual Murdering Mystery: How To Enjoy A Virtual Murder Mystery Party?

Enjoy a different evening with a virtual murder mystery party. Travel back in time and transform yourself into a fictional character on the hunt for a murderer. Watch out for murder mystery online Zoom.

So plan up a dinner, a murder, a culprit, and too many suspects? Do you accept the challenge of virtual murdering mystery? Remember: “When intrigue and gastronomy are complicit, the result is almost CRIMINAL.”

What Is Virtual Murder Mystery Party?

In a virtual murder mystery party, the virtual murdering mystery game usually revolves around a murder or an event. There is always some mystery to solve. The characters played by the players have to survive the game. Each character has a series of objectives to fulfill that will allow him to win the game or not, regardless of whether he is a murderer or a good citizen trying to do things well. The stories are usually set in a time or theme (including the current time). Therefore, the characters will also vary depending on the setting and the story behind the chosen game.

The players will have to have ingenuity, cunning and depending on the character, they have to play more, or less, as a team. The grace is that in addition to being a type of activity in which the participants have to draw on their resources, in the background, there is a story that must be discovered and lived during the game. That makes it different from any other type of game or experience.

Murder Mystery Online Zoom At Home

Enjoy a murder mystery online on Zoom with the alibi of finding yourself in your own home.

Give away a murder!

Give a unique gastronomic experience, a mystery, a trip back in time. Give a virtual murder mystery party as a gift.

Frequent questions on virtual murder mystery party:

What if I don’t have six players?

We would recommend sending a message with the characters you plan to leave out, and they will let you know if they are acute to the story or not. Then, with one or two characters left unplaced, the host should read the clues those characters receive each round to ensure all the information is available to the players. Without that, you won’t be able to solve the mystery.

  • Is the victim one of the players? Are they still playing after they die?

Yes, one of the players will die, but they gain special ghost abilities that allow them to continue playing and participate in solving the mystery.

  • Does it have to be by video?

No. If you only want to make voice calls or via written chat, it works too. Video is not vital to solving the mystery.

  • Why are there no points to reveal a “big secret”?

Big secrets are motives for murder. So if you discover one, you should include it in your accusation. The little secrets have no impact on the mystery and are more like a side game. An example of a little secret would be “your hair embarrassed” if your player is Trump to avoid this being discovered. You just need to divert the conversation from that topic. Little secrets are things that come up in a regular conversation about that particular character, so it’s more of a knack for diverting the conversation and preventing people from bringing up certain topics.

  • Any advice for first-time players?

It works best and is the most fun if everyone gets into character at night. So players should read the first page of its instructions before the game to prepare.

As an individual, you will not receive enough clues to solve the mystery, so you will have to collaborate with other players. Are you excited about a virtual murdering mystery?

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