Want to Buy a 12V Inverter? Here Are Our Top 4 Recommendations

With mercury levels rising all across the country, the demand for power supply is also on the rise. This in turn has led to a power shortage leaving many cities and towns with long hours of power cuts. In such instances, having a proper backup system becomes a must for homes that have been experiencing long and frequent power cuts. If you are facing a similar issue and are looking for a good 12V inverter that can help you navigate through those excruciating power cuts, then here’s a post that lists some of the most reliable 12V inverters from Luminous India.

1. Eco Watt Neo 850

The Eco Watt Neo is a square wave inverter that offers a high charging current even at low voltage of around 100V.  It’s a single battery inverter that supports all supports all battery types ranging from Tubular to Flat Plate to SMF. This 12 V inverter supports 3-stage smart battery charging that helps ensure safe and efficient charging thereby increasing the battery’s longevity. The inverter comes with a unique feature that allows it to be run on ECO mode and UPS mode.

Inverter Technology Square Wave
VA Rating 800 VA
Rated Power 672 W
Warranty 24 months
No of batteries supported 1 Battery (12 Volt)

2. Zelio+ 1700

The Zelio+ 1700 is popular as one of India’s most intelligent 12V inverters with a 32 bit DSP Processor. It is a sine wave inverter that is safe for running sensitive appliances. It comes with a unique MCB feature that offers protection from Input mains and it also has a Bypass switch that supplies output directly from the local grid in case there’s a fault in the Home UPS. The Zelio+ 1700 comes with an LED Display that informs users about the Power back-up status and the battery charging time in Hours and Minutes.

Inverter Technology Pure Sine Wave
VA Rating 1500 VA
Rated Power 1260 W
Warranty 24 months
No of batteries supported 2 Batteries (12 Volts each)

3. Icon 1100

The Icon 1100 is one of the bestselling inverters from Luminous India.  This advanced 12V inverter is currently the talk of the town because of being awarded the prestigious Golden Star Award for ‘Best Product of the Year’ and ‘Innovative Product Design.’ The Icon 1100 not only offers gen-next features but it’s also one of the most aesthetically designed inverters. The inverter comes with an integrated pearl white integrated battery enclosure that makes it worthy of being categorized as a decor item.  Also, the inverter allows fast low voltage battery charging at a voltage as low as 95. It’s one of the safest inverters for homes with children and pets as it has no open or dangling wires.

Inverter Technology Pure Sine Wave
VA Rating 900 VA
Rated Power 756 W
Warranty 24 months on electronics
Batteries supported All Tubular Batteries (150Ah – 220Ah)

4. Regalia 900

The last inverter on our list is the Regalia 900, India’s first Wall mounted power backup system with Grid. The inverter comes with an inbuilt 48V, 960 Ah Lithium ion battery that requires Zero maintenance and has a lifecycle of up to 10 years. Also, the integrated Li-ion battery charges 3x faster than lead acid battery. The Regalia 900 has an Intelligent Battery Management System and Safety Mechanism that provides protection against power surge and short circuits. Its smart Touch Screen display allows users to quickly switch between information such as backup time, charging time, and inverter mode.

Inverter Technology Pure Sine Wave
VA Rating 900 VA
Rated Power 540 Watts
Warranty 24 Months on electronics, 60 Months on Li-Ion battery
No of batteries supported 1 Battery

Last Word

An inverter is one of the most important home devices that play a critical at the time of a power outage. So it is important that you choose the best brand when looking for a home inverter. The reasons we recommended Luminous India inverters is that they are one of the most trusted names in the power solutions space which is evident through the fact that they have a customer base of 70 million plus satisfied customers. The best thing about the company is that it offers superior quality products at reasonable prices.

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