Want Whiter Teeth? Here Is One Way You Can Without Going to The Dentist

With the Covid pandemic still around, many people are still stuck at home in the meantime. Respective governments have to impose stricter quarantine lockdown for some places due to still rising numbers of their infection rate. But with the vaccines already rolling out and getting distributed, the hope of finally getting back to normal life may come sooner than you think. With that being said, what have you done for yourself in the lockdowns? Have you been taking care of yourself properly? Aside from keeping yourself healthy, taking care of how you look is important too. You might say, “People will not see much of my face because of my face mask anyway.”, but even so, you are not going to wear a face mask all the time, and when you do pull down that mask, the first thing they will see will be your teeth. Now, if you brush your teeth all the time, that is good. At least you have not forgotten your oral hygiene just because you can’t go outside all the time. But brushing may not be good enough to keep your teeth clean and white. If you are having problems with these, why not use charcoal teeth whitening to get the job done. It does not mean that you are going to crush charcoal and put it on your toothbrush. There are toothpastes available out there that have charcoal mixed with them. So, you do not have to worry about trying to find charcoal at your local store. It is all done for you.

If you have been keeping up with cosmetic and wellness trends, you will notice that many products have charcoal in them. It has become one of the popular ingredients in face scrubs, soaps and now in toothpaste.

Products with charcoal teeth whitening have now become a trend in keeping your teeth clean and stain free.

How does it work?

The use of charcoal today, specifically in oral hygiene, is mainly focused on teeth whitening only. Charcoal toothpaste has what experts call activated charcoal, much more different than your regular plain charcoal. Activated charcoal has a much greater surface area than plain charcoal, making it more adsorptive. This property makes it ideal for cleaning and removing many unwanted substances in your mouth and on your teeth, giving more benefits than conventional charcoal in cleaning your teeth.

Removal of superficial stains to make teeth whiter.

Who does not want whiter teeth? You want to have that perfect smile when you take that selfie or group picture with your friends or family, right? Stains accumulate on our teeth surface due to certain food or drinks that we take in, like caffeine or wine. Smoking also contributes to the staining of your teeth, so add that to the reason why you should never smoke or quit smoking. It will only ruin your perfect teeth. That being said, activated charcoal helps in removing these stains by adsorbing them, making your teeth appear whiter, giving you more confidence when you smile.

Removal of plaque and freshens your breath

Because activated charcoal can bind with acidic compounds, removing many acidic compounds in your mouth is accelerated and thus, increases your mouth’s pH level. This property is what helps in removing plaque and results in you having fresher breath.

Your teeth are one of the best assets you have when it comes to your overall look. So always take care of them. A perfect smile can brighten anyone’s day.

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